Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Dance

Giggles: okay I was in a naughty mood today and knew my beloved master wanted to concentrate on getting the house sorted out so that we could start to roleplay for real. But this bad bad slave just couldnt help but try to distract him.

River looks around the house finding no one there he decides to practice his dancing while no one is looking. He enters the sand dance pit and lifts his body to full height, stretching and elongating his limbs, tambourine in his hands: in his mind he imagines the music, beating and pounding in his chest
He shakes the tambourine his arm out wide and his eyes closed. River twists his body, slipping to lifting his leg high into the air before going into a deep lunge that he twists so that he is rolling in the sand. He rolls into the splits
River then rolls again placing his feet flat on the floor and pushing up arching his back and displaying his heat. He moves forward pointing one foot then the other to the side, rolling his hips and curving his back. River moves to the empty chair, falling to his knees, his eyes fixed on the imagined face of his beloved master and he licks his lips.
  Endy walks up the stairs having watched their Master at work, walking into the living room he sees his brother dancing, he quickly knees behind the pillar to watch his brother
Slowly and sensuously he winds his hips, thrusting his heat forward for his master's eyes to feast on. he smoothes his hands down his sweat slickened body and arches back, his finger brushing his slave's cock, tempting it to harden for his master's pleasure. He groans wishing that his master really was there, cus then his balls would be tied tightly forcing the blood to his semi hard cock, making it bounce as he danced
River leans back on the sand pit, bent backwards and moves his hand down over his balls, rubbing them in his dance, lifting and displaying himself

Endy giggles from behind the pillar, his eyes widening at his brother's sensual moves, committing each and every movement to memory
River takes his member firmly in hand and presents himself for inspection.
River’s eyes fixed once more on the empty chair he crawls towards it, his eyes filled with lustful heat: he lifts his ass up into the air presenting it for his master's enjoyment and groans as his pucker twinges in excitement. River pushes his feet beneath him and stands with one fluid motion, his hips moving still independently of his torso. He lifts his hands high above him almost displaying the small bells on the tambourine the only music to be heard. : he is lost in his dance, seeing nothing but the face of his beloved master, hearing nothing but the breathing of his master's excited breath

Endy watches his brother's movements, his eyes fixed on his brother's erection, his mouth salivating at the thought of a taste of it as he feels his own cock beginning to harden watching his brother
River bends smoothing his hands down up his leg displaying his perfect ass to his master and he smiles. He throws his body backward flipping once then twice before falling back to his knees as he winds his dance down; : the music in his chest slowing as the sweat on his body begins to cool. Finally he throws himself forward, his arms outstretched and wrists crossed, his head to the ground and breathing heavily
Endy licks his lips, his eyes growing wide as his brother thrust his ass in the direction of their Master's chair giving him a view of his brothers awaiting hole, then sighs as his brothers dance finishes as he tries to hid his own throbbing erection beneath his silks
River: his chest rises and falls as he breathes, recapturing his breath, his sweat covered body cooling rapidly in the spring air.
Endy coughs slightly pretending he has only just entered the room "Yes Layla I will find you and Hafnir some milk..... oh, greetings my brother"
River slowly lifts up his eyes closed still breathing heavily then jumps hearing his brother’s voice
Brother!" he exclaims “I didn’t know you were here"
Endy rubs his hands against his thighs pretending distraction "oh, I had just been cleaning up, trying to find where the Urts are nesting"
River: aye we will have to set some traps .He looks up seeing his master has arrived. “Ohh hello my master” River tries to tuck his hardness between his legs; Embarrassed by his turgidity, River presses his cock down between his legs. River blinks innocently. “I was just practicing my dance my master.” River kneels before his master his legs split widely apart

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