Friday, 7 June 2013

Short fiction - The Reminder

Recently I spent some time in Iran and boredom set in. The result was this short fiction. My Master has already read it so I thought I would share it with the rest of my friends.


Franziskus woke with a smile on his lips; he lay with his eyes closed and inhaled deeply taking in the fragrant air of his Gorean home. His cock stirred between his legs, stiff with a combination of morning arousal and the need to relieve himself. His hands reached out either side of him, searching for the hard warm bodies of his boys, frowning when he found nothing but empty space. One slut missing from his side he would expect but not two.  It must be later than usual for both of his slaves to be up and about. He turned on to his side and the smile returned to his lips. There on a small table next to the bed was a pot of blackwine, slowly simmering on what must have been a homemade heater and next to it were a cup and a Lilly in full bloom. This had to be the work of his first boy, river. He was new enough to Gor to remember home comforts of earth.  Franzi took the time to examine the contraption. It had been made out of thin strips of metal woven carefully together to create a tripod and base on which the blackwine pot stood on. Beneath it was a simple metal plate with a lighted stump of a candle to provide the means of keeping the special brew hot.  Franzi nodded his approval, his first boy was inventive to say the least but he would check with the blacksmith later to ensure that his boy had not stolen the metal or worse persuaded Vester’s ample slave girl into stealing it for him. Franziskus knew that his first boy had a way with the slave girls and could get them to do practically anything he wanted them to. He swung his legs off the bed and stretched before reaching out to pour himself a cup of the pungent brew that was so reminiscent of his beloved coffee on earth.  Another smile touched his lips as he realised that his boy had even thought to bring a small pot of cream and another one of sugar. His wine sweetened and creamed he crossed the room to the double doors that led to the balcony and threw them open, stepping outside completely nude.
Before him was the land of Sarona in all its glory, basking under the early morning sun.  It was still early enough that it was cooler than it would be in a couple more hours. It was little wonder that his first boy wanted to get his outdoor chores  done early, later it would be too hot for the delicate skin of a fair haired boy.  A movement caught Franzi’s eye, and he watched as his first boy dragged a sack of fertilizer over to his treasured blackwine bush. The boy was naked but for a worn out pair of sandals to protect his feet from anything that might be lurking in the earth and a wide brimmed sun hat that protected his blond head from the harsh sun.  The boy was sweating already and had dirt streaked down his body from where he had rubbed his hands over himself. Franzi’s eyes searched between the boy’s legs until they rested on the small but beautifully shaped penis that lay nestled in a nest of short curly blond pubic hair. “Time to shave again,” Franzi said softly to himself. His cock jumped, agreeing with what he had just said and he reached down to give it a reassuring stroke.  He took another sip of his wine then shouted, “GOOD MORNING, MY LIL SUNSHINE.”
The boy looked up from his work, confused for a moment as to where his master was, and then he looked up and a blinding smile covered his face, “GOOD MORNING, MY MASTER,” he shouted back.
Franzi lifted up the cup of blackwine and nodded to his first boy, showing his approval of his newest invention.  The boy waved back and then bent his back, returning to his work. The master watched his boy, taking in the way the muscles rippled under his sun-kissed skin. The boy bent down and picked up a spade, displaying the full moon of his peach like arse, round and inviting, a dirty handprint on one cheek, and totally unaware that he was providing a temptation to his master that could not be ignored. Franzi’s cock jumped again reminding him that it needed attention. “RIVER,” he called out. “LEAVE THAT AND COME UP HERE.” A look of concern touched the boy’s face and was quickly covered. “I OBEY, MY MASTER,” he shouted back and dropped the spade he was now holding. He wiped his hands down his legs and hurried to the house, kicking off the dirty sandals before he entered. River took the steps up to his master’s bedroom two at a time, bursting into the room, panting slightly. He stood straight in front of his master, his hands clasped loosely in the small of his back. He held his head up high but kept his eyes focused on the ground, as a good slave should. Franziskus walked around his boy, his eyes drinking in every pretty inch of him. Even dirt streaked as he was he was desirable. He stopped in front of his boy and reached out, cupping the boy’s balls in his hand.
“To whom do these belong?” he asked harshly.
“To you, my master,” river replied softly, his breath catching in his throat as he was handled so casually.
Franziskus wrapped his fingers around the now awake cock between his boy’s legs. “And to who does this belong,” he demanded.
“To you, my master,” the boy answered again. He lifted his eyes briefly, looking into his master’s eyes then he lowered them again.  
Franziskus brought his hand slowly up the boy’s belly to his chest, pinching hard on one sensitive nipple, twisting it. The boy stifled a hiss of pain, physically holding himself still, fighting the urge to pull away. “And this,” Franzi said, his eyes blazing with desire for his boy.
“Yours, my master,” River gasped.
Franziskus rubbed the nub gently, soothing it and then brought one hand up to his boy’s face, cupping his cheek gently before bringing up his other hand and gently tracing a finger over the full lips that were so often wrapped around his manhood. “And these,” he asked, his voice much softer now, tenderness sinking into his words.
“Yours, my master,” River answered, his eyes meeting those of his master once more, this time holding them there.
Franzi reached behind his boy, grabbing the peach like arse and using it to pull his boy into his body. His mouth sought out his boy’s lips and he crushed them beneath his own, ignoring that his boy was sweaty and dirty from his chores. His fingers slipped into the crack, searching out the hidden opening. He pressed a finger firmly inside up to his knuckle. “And to whom does this belong?” he breathed into the boy’s mouth.
“To you, my master, all of this boy belongs to you to do as you please with, when you please,” River answered breathily.
Franziskus pulled out his finger abruptly making the boy gasp and then slapped his arse sharply. “Run and get the razor, soap and water, Mine.”
Years of conditioning made River spring into action, running to collect the things that his master had asked for. He washed his hands before returning, so that when he shaved his master’s beard they would be clean. He took the stairs more carefully this time, so not to spill any of the warm water that he brought up from the kitchen. He placed it on the dresser and then pulled a chair into the centre of the room, waiting for his master to sit.
“It’s not for me, my lil sunshine” Franzi said, a wicked smile gracing his lips. He pulled a trunk from against the wall and indicated for his boy to lay on it. “On your back, Mine, legs split nice and wide.”
Realisation registered in River’s face and obediently he complied, his hands by his side.
“Hands behind your head, my lil sunshine.”
River brought up his hands placing them behind his head. His chest rose and fell fast as his heart beat increased, knowing now what his master intended.
Franzi picked up the cloth from the water and rubbed it over the short pubic hair surrounding river’s boyhood. “This is a little overdue, don’t you think, Mine?” he asked as he began to rub the soap into the short curls.
“y... yes, my master,” river stammered.
“Hmmm, this would be easier if you were hard,” Franzi pondered aloud. He took his boy’s penis in his hand and began to stroke him. Long languishing strokes, brushing his thumb over his prone helpless boy’s piss slit with each pass. The boy whimpered and pressed upward, so lost in the sweet caress of his master that when it stopped he cried out in disappointment. Franzi delivered a punishing slap to his cock as a reminder as to who was in charge here and the boy stifled a gasp of pain. Franzi picked up the soap and wet it, and then began to work it into the soft hairs that surrounded his slut’s now rock hard cock. He could feel his boy trembling beneath his touch and the excitement he felt sent electricity down into his own swollen organ. He took his time, knowing the torture he was giving his boy. It had been awhile since he had allowed either of his boys to spill their seed. He used the tips of his fingers to massage the soap in, making sure he paid attention to the ball sack. The slut groaned in sweet agony as he fought to control his body, his penis was already leaking nectar from its pink slit. Satisfied that he had covered every hair, Franziskus picked up the cutthroat blade and tested the sharpness of it with his thumb. He winced as he drew blood and he sucked it into his mouth. “Nice and sharp,” he said appraisingly. “Good boy.”
“Tha... thank you, m... my ma... master,” river stammered, he seemed to be shaking a little harder now.
“Hold still, Mine,” Franzi ordered and he reached for his boy’s cock, pulling it to the side before dragging the blade expertly over the soft delicate skin. He took his time; he didn’t want a castrated boy after all. Each time the blade touched his skin, river made an almost silent whimper which in turn made Franzi’s manhood leap against his belly. Once he had shaved the boy around his shaft he moved his attentions down to his balls, carefully stretching the skin and removing the protruding hairs. He could see that his boy was beginning to struggle and that in turn excited him more.  He dropped the blade onto the table and took the cloth and wiped away any remaining foam.  “Hmmm,” he said rubbing his chin. “I need to check that it is smooth enough.” Wickedly he knelt between the boy’s open legs, smiling at how his legs were shaking with the effort not to close them. He blew softly against the boy’s balls, encouraging a soft moan from him and then he licked over them, testing for stubble with his tongue.
River gave a loud moan and arched up, unable to control the pleasure of his master’s tongue on his already sensitive organs.  Franzi stood back up. “Seems good.”  He said, enjoying his boy’s predicament.  “Pull your knees up to your chest, Mine,” he snapped. “And spread those cheeks nice and wide, I want to check your boy cunt.”
With his eyes tightly closed, the boy obeyed rolling up his body and clenching his knees tight to his chest so that his anus was displayed for his master’s pleasure.
Franzi took some soap and rubbed it over it, covering the fine down that grew around it and in his boy’s arse crack. Carefully he shaved it away, delighting in the soft noises his slut continued to make.  Again he took a wet cloth and wiped away any foam that was left and then he ran his tongue up the boy’s crack and played it over his hole, checking again for any remaining stubble. He sat back. “That is very good, Mine. You may turn over onto your belly now.”
The boy didn’t question why he just obeyed, laying over the trunk with his sweet arse up in the air.
Franziskus stroked his hand over it, cupping one cheek then the other.
“Why did you not come to me before this and beg to be shaven?” Franzi raised an eyebrow as he waited for his boy’s excuse.
When the boy didn’t answer he brought his hand down sharply on one cheek, leaving a red handprint.
“I ... I....,” the boy stammered not having an excuse at all other than he just hadn’t thought of it.
“I think you need a reminder, my lil sunshine,” Franzi said as he brought his hand down hard again on the opposite cheek of his boy’s arse. “Get up and come and lay across my lap,” he said moving over to the bed.
Trembling in anticipation, and with his cock still hard as a rock, River stood up and obediently laid over his master’s lap, feeling immediately the hardness of his master’s cock against his. He gave a low moan as his master began to caress his arse, stroking each cheek in turn. He felt his face begin to colour as his master prised open his cheeks and examined his anus, taking his time, scrutinising it carefully. He yelped as his master slapped him hard.
“Silence, my lil sunshine.” Franzi barked. He brought his hand down again and then again, each slap making the one before sting even more.  Usually Franzi would alternate the slaps, one cheek then the other but this was a punishment that would make his boy remember in future to beg to be shaved.
River felt his eyes getting wet as his right cheek was spanked over and over; he desperately wanted to beg his master to stop but knew it wouldn’t stop until his master was sure his message had sunk in. Each slap made his arse cheek burn hotter and he squirmed trying to escape just a little only to cause himself to grind into his master’s manhood that was pressed solidly against his own. The slapping stopped and river took a breath before his master started to slap down on his other cheek. He could feel the imprint of his master’s hand each time it landed.  How many times his master’s hand struck his defenceless behind he didn’t know, he just knew that each time it was leaving an impression on his arse and a bright red hand mark.
The boy was squirming now and Franziskus closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of cock rubbing against cock. But as much as he was enjoying it, his hand was beginning to sting quite badly. He looked around for something to use in its stead and his eyes settled on a sandal. It was out of his reach but well within the reach of his boy. “My hand hurts,” he said, “pass me that sandal.”
The sound that came from the boy’s mouth made Franzi smile but the boy stretched his arm out all the same and with a little effort, which increased the grinding of their cocks, the boy hooked his fingers into the strap and held it back for his master.
“Please, my master,” he said softly. “Please have mercy on your slut.”
Franzi flexed the sandal between his hands, testing its pliancy. He felt his slut tense up, anticipating the first blow. He leaned down and whispered in to his boy’s ear. “I will spank you until you make me cum, my little sunshine so start rubbing.” He brought the sandal down sharply and the sound of leather contacting with flesh filled the air.
This time river couldn’t help the cry of pain that escaped his lips. He knew the only way to make it stop was to make his master cum, so he began to grind his hips, stopping only as the sandal hit his naked bottom.  He was close to cumming himself but knew that was out of the question until he had his master’s permission. He tried to concentrate on making his master cum, rubbing against the hardness that jutted into him.
Franziskus brought down the sandal three times in rapid succession. He paused and rubbed over the tenderised backside of his boy with his bare hand, pinching and squeezing the bruised flesh and causing the boy to moan in pain. His cock was coated in the boy’s precum enabling both cocks to slide together with easy. He felt his balls draw towards his body and he gritted his teeth wanting to last just a little longer. He brought the sandal down three more times and then groaned loudly as his shot his load over them both.  River was making urgent little noises, grinding hard against his master. Franzi looked down on the nicely bruised arse of his boy and then leaned down. “Cum for me, Mine.”
The boy didn’t have to be told twice. The orgasm he had been holding back for so long now exploded. His cum mixing with that of his master’s.
Franzi groaned as the warmth spread over his crotch and he grabbed his boy by his hair and dragged him up, smashing his lips to his. “Straddle me.” he groaned and the boy obeyed, crying out as his arse touched his master’s lap, he tried to lift up but was pushed down again by his master. “I said straddle me, I want to feel your hot arse on my cock.”
The boy whimpered in pain but did as he was told, holding back his sobs of pain.
Franzi lifted his chin and dragged a thumb under one of his eyes, wiping the tears away. “You are a good boy, my lil sunshine, I am proud of you.”
Those few words brought the smile back to the boy’s face. “I love you, my master,” he said softly.
“And I love you, my lil sunshine.” He remembered his blackwine heater and lifted his boy’s chin. “Thank you for my present. I hope you got the metal honestly, I will be checking with Vester.”  
“I did, my master, when I finished my chores for you I went over to the forge and helped the master with some stuff he wanted moving. He rewarded me with the metal strips.”
Franzi claimed his boy’s lips once more, entwining their tongues. Reluctantly he pulled back. “You smell of sweat.”
The boy lifted his arm and sniffed. “In my defence I was working in the garden when you summoned me, my master.”
 Franzi grinned widely. “Insolent slut,” he said, “maybe I should spank you.”
The boy yelped and fell of his master’s lap in his haste to get away.
Franziskus laughed. “Get back to your chores he said, swiping at the boy’s bruised arse. River giggled and ran from the room as Franzi poured himself another black wine.

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