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Welcome to the Village of Sarona

Welcome to the Village of Sarona

Situated on a Homestead Sim ....

The VILLAGE OF SARONA is a small, independent island on the planet Gor, situated near the southern coast, close to Korat. It is a very beautiful place. The main village is situated next to the dock and although small in size, it is quite lavish in appearance. The Tavern stands on the docks and is run by the Bloch Sisters, Cessy and Suzy. There is always a warm greeting and a mug of paga for visitors. Two very nice guest rooms are available for travellers to rest their weary bones in. Be warned though, Suzy is on the lookout for a free companion, preferably one with money.

Also on the docks is the village kennel, ran by the in suppressible Lady Zari. As head slaver it is for her to train and look after the village slaves.

The head merchant is Franziskus, Franzi to his friends. He provides all the goods for the village, doing his best along with his two boys, Endymion and River, to provide the village with reasonably priced food and drink. He is very strict with his boys and they adore him, helping him with his business, you will often find River working away at his desk in the merchant offices.

Next to the merchants is the village’s pride and joy... The Baths, Lavish in appearance, decorated in golds and browns, it is a place you can exercise, have a massage, or just soak in the mineral rich bath, tended to by a sweet boy or girl, depending on your taste.

Up the hill is the fort that contains the warrior quarters and the administrator’s office. Fezar is our administrator, and Armond Head warrior.

The Scribe office and Infirmary are side by side and have very nice apartments with lovely sea views. Reasonable rent is required for accommodation in the village but we won’t break your backs or your bank account.

Behind the houses is the blacksmith shop. Run by Uncle Vester, the patriarch of the Bloch family it is the place to go for your iron needs. Vester is aided by his ... gulps ... beautiful slave girl, Simona. If you carry on past the Smiths and cross the bridge, follow the path and you will find the farm of the Bloch family where the youngest member of the Bloch family raises his Verr .. a simple boy  who’s greatest pleasure is taking his many four legged friends for walks along the natural walkway to the olive groves.

There are many beautiful places for visitors and residents alike. Come and visit us, if you like us Stay.

We much  prefer RP and storylines instead of come-shoot-capture (also known as "GorCraft") and spend a lot of time planning new ones to entertain not only ourselves but any visitors to our lovely sim.

So that is our village, I am river, slave to the head merchant Franziskus and I very much look forward to seeing you in person.

Safe paths, Master’s and Mistresses,
Serve with fire Kajirus and Kajiras 

Sarona Dock

behind the merchant's house

The Scabby Bosk Tavern

Sarona Baths

The Docks

Arial view

Working for his Master



Scribes office




Bloch's farm


The pond and falls

pond and falls

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