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Giant Vulo Egg & I Don't Think That is a Tarn, Master

I decided to put both these roleplays together as they follow on. 

Satin Bloch sees her cousin and waves, nearly slapping herself round the head with the fishing rod

Jimmy Bloch carefully balances the big egg in his arms, trying to carry it their farm
Satin Bloch  puts her rod down and approaches Jimmy, peering round the huge egg, "Greetings Shimmy. What ish shat?"

Jimmy Bloch too proud of his discovery forgets that he's actually not talking to his cousin. "Greetingsh, Shatin!" - He lifts the egg a bit "Ishn't it wonderful? Found she shiant vulo egg on she market!"

Satin Bloch : "Shiant vulo egg? Wow! How big wash she vulo?", also forgetting, in her curiosity, about not speaking to her cousin

Jimmy Bloch tries to look left, then right, the stretches his neck to look OVER the giant egg at his cousin "I don't know! We will hash to find out!"

Satin Bloch : "You didn't she she shiant vulo?", looks disappointed, "Oh well ..... But Shimmy! If you didn't shee she vulo, shen how do you know what shize cashe you will need?"

Jimmy Bloch  "We better take it quickly to she osher vulosh-". he considers for a moment his cousin's words "Hmmmm.... we will shee, when it hedshed. But... imashine she biiiiiiiiig eggsh we will hash for breakfasht!!!"

Satin Bloch : "Ish it shafe to keep it wish she oshersh? What if it shquashesh shem?" Satin Bloch  moves back a little so Jimmy can get past her

Jimmy Bloch  It'sh an egg shtill... it can't shqueeshe shem

Satin Bloch : "Eggsh roll shough ......"

Jimmy Bloch hestitates and looks at the big egg in his arms "... can it?"

Satin Bloch  follows Jimmy all the way up the steps to the market place, then past Uncle Vester's forge, and across the bridge to the farmhouse, suddenly realising how strong he must be to carry the huge egg that far without having to stop

Jimmy Bloch  can you open she cashe, coushin? But take she osher eggsh out firsht

Satin Bloch  opens the door. Satin Bloch  searches for all the normal sized eggs amongst the vulos, "Don't peck me you shilly birds!" "I hash 12 Shimmy. Do you shink shat ish all of shem?"

Jimmy Bloch nodsh "It'sh moshtly about 12"

Satin Bloch  holds out her apron, which she has filled with vulo eggs to Jimmy, "|Where do you want me to put shem? In she houshe?"

Jimmy Bloch carefully places the giant egg in the cage, then tries to set Cincinnati Cindy on it to hedge it. After some cursing because the bird refuses and threatening her to glue it to it, she finally sits still on it. He turns to his cousing "Yesh... can makes shome eggsh for shecond breakfasht latersh!"
Satin Bloch  nods, "I'll be back in a minute, ish Shindy shafe shere?", turns and walks carefully to the farmhouse to put the eggs away

Satin Bloch  holds her apron together with one hand so they don't roll about too much, and with the other carefully puts the eggs with the other foodstuffs. Satin Bloch  returns to her cousin, and looks at the size of the vulos and the size of the new egg, "Shimmy, she shiant vulo musht be she shishe of she houshe!"

Jimmy Bloch looks at the egg "I shink shat'sh all I can do for now. I hope it shurvived she travel from she market on she mainland, hmmmmmm...." Jimmy Bloch looks at the egg... at the normal vulos... at the house... and frowns

Satin Bloch : "Shink how mush fun we can hash wish it! You can ride it around Sharona! And she feashersh will be hushe too!"

Jimmy Bloch  I shink I need more grid for a bigger cashe! Jimmy Bloch chuckles "Oh, riding a vulo! Shat would be fun!"

Satin Bloch  looks at the egg, "Well it won't be houshe shished at firsht ........ will it? Won't it be shmall enough at firsht to have fitted in she egg?"

Jimmy Bloch  hmmm, maybe ash big ash a verr-baby?

Satin Bloch  looks at the egg, her head on one side, "Yesh, maybe ...... I hope it getsh big fasht ..... you can't ride a verr-baby ...... ", jumps up and down and claps her hands, "Fun! Shere's going to be shush a shurprishe when everyone sheesh your shiant egg!"

Jimmy Bloch bounces excited too, then suddenly facepalms "Oh, I forgetted she boshk-meat I bringed you from she mainland!"

Satin Bloch : "Boshk meat? Oh shank you Shimmy!"

Jimmy Bloch walks over to the cheese-table and pulls a box out under it "And I hash shome verr-meatsh too, for you makng minshed meat of it"

Satin Bloch  nods"Minshed meat from Verr-meat. What doesh you want wish she boshk meat? Shaushashesh? Shorizzo? Shteak?"

Jimmy Bloch  Can you make ush shome eggsh.... maybe wish a boshk-shteak, while I hurry to she docksh and get she crate wish boshk-meat? I shink shere'sh shtill shome meat in she cooling boksh

Satin Bloch  lloks doubtful, knowing she's not a good cook, "I can try Shimmy"

Jimmy Bloch notices his cousin's look "Or shall *I* make she eggsh and *you* go to she docksh?

Satin Bloch : "No no - I can make she eggsh!"

Jimmy Bloch  it'sh closher to your butshery anywaysh

Satin Bloch  looks determined and turns to go into the house. Satin Bloch  picks up 2 eggs from where she put them earlier

Jimmy Bloch opens the cooling box and takes out two bosk steaks. "Hmmm, I hope, Shir Franshi shoon travelsh to she norsh again, to bring more ishe! Okay, I will be back quickly, coushin!" Jimmy Bloch runs to the docks to get the bosk-meat. “I'm back! I hash put she boksh by she butshery.”

Satin Bloch  looks up from frying his egg, "Shank you Shimmy. Do you want to shit down Shimmy? "

Jimmy Bloch looks over his cousin's shoulder "Sho, how'sh breakfasht going? I will get shome fresh milk! Shusht getting she milk! "

Satin Bloch  nods and plates up the bosk steak and the fried egg

Jimmy Bloch quickly milks two bowls from Xyla, then returns to the house, balancing the bowls without spilling a drop. Jimmy Bloch places the bowls on the table, one on his side, one on his cousin's place

Satin Bloch  puts Jimmy's steak and egg in front of him, "Shere you go Shimmy", and returns to finish cooking her own

Jimmy Bloch  Kshyla hash to be sheared shoon". Takes a sip from the bow of fresh verr milk

Satin Bloch : "Which one'sh shat?" Satin Bloch  puts her own meal on the table and sits down opposite Jimmy

Jimmy Bloch as if that explained everything "She cute grey one"

Satin Bloch : "Shat will be a nishe shoft wool. Gray I mean. Might shell well"

Jimmy Bloch starts to devour the steak with the egg. Chewing: "You cooking... ish... impor... impri... iprov... getting better, coushin!"

Satin Bloch  smiles as she ploughs through her own. "Shank you Shimmy. It couldn't get mush worshe shan it wash!" Satin Bloch  grins

Jimmy Bloch rubs his full belly "Ah, shat wash a nishe shecond breakfasht. I shink I will take a little nap now. It wash a bishy morning!"

Satin Bloch  nods "Good idea Shimmy. I shink I will hash a shnooshe too before I go and do shome bushering"

Jimmy Bloch  I wonder, how long it takesh for she egg to hatsh

Satin Bloch : "How long doesh it take for a not-shiant one?"

Jimmy Bloch stands up "Well, we will shee... She normal onshe take only 2 or shree daysh"

Satin Bloch  nods"Shee you later Shimmy"

Jimmy Bloch takes the plates from the table and puts them to the kitchen-coutner, then smiles at his cousin and walks up to his room to take a nap

Later that day.

Master's Lil Sunshine comes down the steps having been for a run around the island, he wipes the sweat from his brow and then jogs over to his stool on the dock. Master's Lil Sunshine doesnt notice the farmer sitting on the boxes.

Satin Bloch  goes into the inn to find the bundle of coins she hid there, hoping she will run into Lady Zari.

Jimmy Bloch wakes up from his little nap on the crates at the dock as it suddenly seems to become busy

Satin Bloch  waves to her cousin

Jimmy Bloch smiles as he sees River "Ah, greetingsh again, River", then notices his cousin and waves "Hello, coushin"

Shadow: Greetings, my brother

Master's Lil Sunshine jumps at the master's voice. "ohh hello, master. i did not see you there

Shadow: Greetings, Master

Master's Lil Sunshine smiles at his brother.

Satin Bloch : "Hello Shimmy. Did you have a good nap earlier?"

Master's Lil Sunshine: greetings, mistress.

Jimmy Bloch: Yesh, coushin... and a bash: wash refreshing wish she heat. Jimmy Bloch beams as he notices the other slaveboy arriving "Ah, greetingsh, Endy!"

Master's Lil Sunshine smiles at the memory of jimmy's bath

Satin Bloch  looks surprised, "A bash?!"

Shadow smiles, sniffig the are and realising the familiar smell is..... lessened. Shadow smiles Greetings, Mistress

Satin Bloch  recalls herself and greets the two boys, "Greetingsh River, greetingsh Endy"

Jimmy Bloch: Well, it wash more a shwim in she pond, Shatin. Jimmy Bloch looks around then lowers his voice as if it was a big secret "Do you want to shee a biiiiig vulo egg, Endy? Oh, Shatin? River shaid, it might be a tarn-egg! Wouldn't shat be wonderful? We can tame it and fly it around she island!!!” Jimmy Bloch bounces excited as he did the whole day

Satin Bloch : "A tarn egg? Shat would be amashing!!!"

Master's Lil Sunshine whimpers softly at the thought of an untrained tarn on the island

Shadow: big egg, my MAster? the looks to his brother "a tarn, his close to water?"

Jimmy Bloch: I hash buyed it on she market at she mainland

Satin Bloch  claps her hands in glee, "Letsh go show shem Shimmy!!"

Jimmy Bloch: Come! We show you! I hash packed it in nishe wool to keep it warm!

Master's Lil Sunshine runs after the master. “master why are your vulos out?”

Satin Bloch  realises everyone has stopped

Jimmy Bloch comes to a sudden halt and frowns "What... Why?"

Shadow looks to his brother "not again, my brother"

Master's Lil Sunshine: they are your, vulos aren't they?”

Jimmy Bloch: Shat'sh Shinshinaty Shindy and Bella!

Master's Lil Sunshine “it’s not me!”

Jimmy Bloch: “shey musht have breaked out! Help me to catsh shem!”

Master's Lil Sunshine doesnt add 'this time ' to the sentance

Jimmy Bloch: “I hope she osher shree are shtill shere!” Jimmy Bloch raises speed to reach the vulo cage

Shadow hurries after one, to catch it

Satin Bloch : "Where'sh Calamity Shane?"

Master's Lil Sunshine: “there is one here.”

Jimmy Bloch ... and almost falls over the next vulo

Master's Lil Sunshine “she is under the bridge.”

Satin Bloch : "Where's Clamity Shane Shimmy, oh!?"

Jimmy Bloch grabs the next vulo and - as his arms are full with two already - hands it to his cousin, then continues running. Aah!”

Master's Lil Sunshine: “Aah! “

Satin Bloch  splutters as the bird flaps it's wings trying to get away

Jimmy Bloch: me sees a big hole in the grid of the vulo-cage and a strange animal sitting in it

Satin Bloch  offers Jimmy the vulo, "Here Shimmy"

Master's Lil Sunshine: “what is that?”

Jimmy Bloch: Shat.... shat....

Satin Bloch : "Shimmy ........ do all vulosh shtart like shat?"

Jimmy Bloch: “shat ish she ugliesht vulo I hash ever sheen!” Jimmy Bloch cautiously steps closer watching the strange animal "It'sh.... red ... And it hash no feashersh ...and no wingsh.”

Shadow looks over, curious as to what they are discus........ blinkss

Satin Bloch : "It'sh wingsh are in she wrong plashe...."

Master's Lil Sunshine: “that is not a tarn, master.”

Shadow gulps, seeing the scares "is that a baby sleen?"

Jimmy Bloch shakes his head a bit disappointed "No, not a tarn"

Satin Bloch : "It ish bigger shan she oshersh sho ...."

Jimmy Bloch: No, shleensh hash 6 legsh

Satin Bloch  counts the legs ........ one .....two .... shreee.... four .....

Shadow looks slightly relieved

Jimmy Bloch thinks for a moment "Not shure, but I shink shey hash she shiksh legsh right from she beginning"

Master's Lil Sunshine looks at all the feathers spread around and a bit of blood, "where is calamity jane?

Satin Bloch : "Shimmy ...... is shat a feasher in it'sh moushe?"

Jimmy Bloch notices the blood and the lots of feathers too, then the little twigs on the ground "Oh no... I shink.... I shink... it ate Shane!."

Satin Bloch : "Oh no! A cannibal vulo"

Master's Lil Sunshine: “mistress it isnt a vulo. i dont know what it is. i have never seen anything like it

Satin Bloch : "But Shimmy bought a shiant vulo egg. What elshe would you get in it?"

Jimmy Bloch: I shink anosher one ish mishing.... we only hash shree

Shadow: I wonder if these is a scroll in the libraby that can helo, Endy muse.s

Jimmy Bloch: hmmm, shat ish a good idea

Master's Lil Sunshine: i dont think that ...... thing eats grain or corn, master

Jimmy Bloch: we shall take it to she shcribery?

Satin Bloch : "Ish shere a shcroll about shiant vulosh?"

Jimmy Bloch looks around and shouts "SHAAAAAAAA-AAAAAAAAANEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!", in the hope she survived in spite of all the blood and feathers

Shadow blushes "maybe, on one that might describe animals, Master"

Satin Bloch  holds her ears, "Ouch Shimmy! Not sho loud wishout a warning"

Jimmy Bloch: Shane!!!!

Master's Lil Sunshine searches in the poppies behind the farm “here Jane, here Jane”

Jimmy Bloch gives the other two vulos to River and picks up Jane "Awww, you shurvived! Brave girl!"

Shadow smiles

Satin Bloch : "You finded her Shimmy?"

Master's Lil Sunshine holds the two squirming vulo's under his arms, .. "is there still one missing, master?"

Jimmy Bloch grabs some fibre from the stable. "Yesh, I finded her. Shtill one ish mishing!" Jimmy Bloch makes a nice leash as he commands the boys "Run to my unclesh forshe and get shome toolsh and grid to repair she cashe"

Satin Bloch : "I can't shee anosher one......."

Jimmy Bloch: you can leave she vulosh by she verrsh. Shey won't run away from she verrsh

Master's Lil Sunshine: okay, master

Jimmy Bloch in the meantime makes a leash and approaches the ugly vulo

Master's Lil Sunshine river takes the vulo's into the verr shed, "here ladies, you will be safe here

Jimmy Bloch chuckles as the beast snaps at him "Hey!" Jimmy Bloch finally manages it to leash the beast and pull it out of the cage

Satin Bloch  shouts: "Hash you found it Endy? It'sh not here"

Master's Lil Sunshine looks at the ugly beast and the sharp teeth, yelping when it snaps at him

Satin Bloch : "Ish it shafe out Shimmy?"

Jimmy Bloch carefully avoiding the sharp teeth scratches the beast's neck. He smiles as it makes something like purring sounds "Awwww, it likesh shat! : How do we call it?"

Satin Bloch : "Here shickie shickie shick?"

Master's Lil Sunshine: the beast reminds him a bit of fluffy, their house sleen in kalana fjord. “is it a sleen? he asks, not noticing that it only has two legs not six.”

Jimmy Bloch shakes his head "Your brosher already ashked, but a shleep would have shiksh legsh!"

Satin Bloch : "But it came out of a shiant vulo egg. You get baby verrsh from verrs, and baby boshk from boshk. Sho you musht get a shiant vulo from a shiant vulo egg"

Master's Lil Sunshine looks at it more carefully.. "oh .. two ... so not a sleen then

Shadow: I think I have found her Master

Master's Lil Sunshine: “maybe you should think about building a separate pen for it, master. i dont think your vulos will be safe in there with it.”

Jimmy Bloch smiles as Endy returns with the last missing vulo, the bird looking a bit damaged and bleeding, but alive "Oh... I shink I hash to take more vulosh to she healer! did you bring alsho she grid and she toolsh? we hash to repair she cashe quickly "

Shadow nods, and looks to his brother "yes.... I think, maybe a big cage for it would be good.... on its own...

Jimmy Bloch looks down at the beast "Hmmm, I shink it'sh not good in she shtable wish she verrsh eisher"

Satin Bloch : "But what if it getsh lonely? Maybe Shimmy should find it a friend?"

Jimmy Bloch:”And I dunno what Sheshy and Shushy will shay to it.”

Shadow looks to the Mistresses, and his brother, not sure which of them the Master was referring too

Master's Lil Sunshine: “i am not sure we would want another one, mistress. not till we know what we are dealing with.”

Jimmy Bloch: sho, where are she toolsh?

Satin Bloch  looks to River and Endy, "Were you bosh looking for Shane?"

Jimmy Bloch hands the leash to River and turns to Endy, expecting him to brought the tools and the grid to repair the vulo cage

Shadow:” umm... es? Master.” Shadow gulps "are they in the house Master?

Master's Lil Sunshine looks shocked at the leash and backs away from the beast only to have it follow him

Satin Bloch  giggles, "Shimmy told you bosh to get she toolsh. But you were bosh looking for Shane"

Jimmy Bloch: I hash told you to bring shem from my unclesh forshe

Shadow: “I am sorry Master, Mistress, I did not hear.” Shadow hurries off. “Your items Master”

Satin Bloch  looks at the giant vulo on the leash ..... "It doeshn't look very friendhly ..."

Master's Lil Sunshine gulps at the beast looks him up and down like he is a meal

Jimmy Bloch as Endy finally return with the tools and the grid, starts repairing the cage quickly.Jimmy Bloch steps back and looks at his work "Shat looksh fine. Like new! We can put she vulosh back, I shink"] Jimmy Bloch grabs some grain and lays a trace from the open cage over to the stable. “shmart birdsh!”

Master's Lil Sunshine looks shocked at the le/me holds the leash tighter as the beast snaps at the vulos as the pass by

Jimmy Bloch: “Sho, what do we do now? maybe ish better to hide it in my room until we know what it ish?”

Satin Bloch : "What about she poop?"

Jimmy Bloch: I don't poop in my room, coushin!!!

Shadow nods "the sisters might tru to eat it"

Master's Lil Sunshine: do you think that is wise, master

Jimmy Bloch frowns at the accusation

Satin Bloch  looks confused, "I meant she shiant vulo ............"

Jimmy Bloch: “oh! hmm, you are right.”

Satin Bloch : "Eat she poop? Eeeeeeewww!"

Jimmy Bloch: “sho... we hide it shomewhere?”

Shadow: maybe in the warriors hall Master, there are not many warriors

Jimmy Bloch: you look tired, Endy, you should go to your kennel

Shadow: yes Master

Jimmy Bloch: Shat ish a good idea

Master's Lil Sunshine: “yes, we could put it in the dungeons. it would be safe in there.”

Jimmy Bloch: “Shat boy ish working too hard.”

Master's Lil Sunshine: “aye,”

Jimmy Bloch: sho, letsh find a plashe for it

Satin Bloch : "Hashn't we got a warrior now sho?"

Jimmy Bloch: only she firsht shword who'sh never here

Master's Lil Sunshine leads the beast following the master

Jimmy Bloch looks through the window if the regent is in his office. As he doesn't see him, he opens the door and gestures to River to follow. Looking around searching he whispers "Where'sh Shatin?"

Master's Lil Sunshine: “ohh i dont think that we should leave it in the administrator’s office, master.” Master's Lil Sunshine looks at the muddy prints on the carpet

Satin Bloch  looks round and wonders where they went. Satin Bloch  sees them through a window. "Shere you are"

Jimmy Bloch: “Ah, shere you are, Shatin... And no, River, but we hash to pash it to get down shere, don't we? here, coushin it'sh shpooky down here, ishn't it?”

Master's Lil Sunshine pulls the beast behind him

Kool Door opened by RandyJim Bloch
Jimmy Bloch: how'sh in here?

Satin Bloch : "It looksh shafe enough ...."

Master's Lil Sunshine: this would be a safe place

Jimmy Bloch: we hash to get water for it

Master's Lil Sunshine: i wonder what it eats

Jimmy Bloch: and grain? hmmm.... maybe no grain. maybe meat?

Master's Lil Sunshine looks at the teeth. “i dont think grain, master”

Satin Bloch  whispers: "I hash shome shteaksh ....."

Master's Lil Sunshine: did you decide on a name, master?

Jimmy Bloch: hmmmmmmm

Satin Bloch : "Bernard? Shat'sh a nishe name"

Master's Lil Sunshine: cuddles

Jimmy Bloch: hmmmm, if you shay sho

Master's Lil Sunshine river says .. always seeming to pick unsuitible names for his pets

~ Snuggles ~?-2013-06-20: New name : ~ Snuggles ~
Jimmy Bloch: Shnugglesh! Shnugglesh ish a nishe name

Satin Bloch : "Oooooh yesh! I likesh shat"

Master's Lil Sunshine nods agreeingly

Jimmy Bloch: But it sheemsh not too happy

Satin Bloch : "It'sh lonely. It wantsh a friend. Maybe River could keep it company. He could shing to it""

Jimmy Bloch: you shink I should shearsh for anoshter shiant vulo egg... or whatever it ish

Satin Bloch  smiles at River

Master's Lil Sunshine looks worried, "ohh i dont think my master would like me away from him for too long.

Jimmy Bloch: Oh, I can get my Kalika! I will be right back!

Master's Lil Sunshine: “i will get my lute. wait here mistress

Satin Bloch : "I'm not shure I like it ...... when you left me along wish it kept looking at me and licking it'sh lipsh"

Jimmy Bloch tunes his instrument as he returns heavy panting. Jimmy Bloch looks at the beast "It hash lipsh?"

Satin Bloch : "It doeshn't look mush happier to me"

Master's Lil Sunshine tunes up his lute then nods to show he is ready

Jimmy Bloch looks up as they finished the song "Doesh it look happier now?"

Master's Lil Sunshine: i think it does

Jimmy Bloch: hmmm, i don't know

Satin Bloch : "It'sh shmiling ...... or at leasht it'sh showing itsh teesh"

Jimmy Bloch: but who knowsh, how it looksh when it'sh happy or shad?
~PT ~ Duelling Banjos (full perm): (Psyke's Music Script) 9.50 sec buffering..
Jimmy Bloch: You hash to drink, little Shnugglesh! Jimmy Bloch gets some water from the trough with the palm of his hand and holds it up to the beast's mouth

Master's Lil Sunshine: careful, master you might loose some fingers,
Satin Bloch  looks doubtfully at her cousin, "I don't know if shat'sh a good idea Shimmy ......"

Jimmy Bloch: Ah, it won't hurt me. It likesh me!

Master's Lil Sunshine: you look a bit tired, mistress

Satin Bloch  looks at River and nods, "I hash been fishing all day. It makesh me shleepy"

Jimmy Bloch: well, we should leave it alone. It looksh tired

Master's Lil Sunshine: he looks happy enough

Jimmy Bloch: and sho do you, coushin

Satin Bloch  nods, yawns

Jimmy Bloch: I will look for it in she morning and bring it shome meat. sho, now we hash to find out of here. Jimmy Bloch forwns "Wash shat door open before? come, coushin,Shish way I shink ... we can go out here."

Master's Lil Sunshine: i think we can

Satin Bloch : "Oh"

Jimmy Bloch: come, shere musht be shomewhere.....

Master's Lil Sunshine watches as the master feels along the wall

Jimmy Bloch checks the walls and finally finds the stone that's a bit different from the others... while his cousin just bumps against it impatiently

Satin Bloch  grins

Jimmy Bloch: "Well, shat worksh too"

Satin Bloch : "Guesh I'm jusht lucky"

Jimmy Bloch: you can go shat way to she houshe

Satin Bloch  yawns again"'ll shee you bosh later. I'm going to have a nap"

Jimmy Bloch: Shleep well, Shatin

Master's Lil Sunshine: nite mistress

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