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Vulo Theives, Kanda and broken legs

River steps out into the bright morning sunshine and stretches, cat like in his movements. He goes to the pump and pumps the water a few times and when it starts to flow he slashes it over his face to wash the sleep from his eyes. He checks on his master's blackwine plant, noticing it was dry.He went down to the well and got a bucket of water. He carries it carefully back to the blossoming bush and careful tips it around the roots. As it's still really early he decides to take a walk over to the Bloch farm. As he walks up the path he is surprised not to see the young master up and about. Deciding that he must be sleeping in for once, river checks the fields form him, making sure that they have plenty of water. He then checks on the master's verr, filling their trough with grain and water. He is about to leave when he sees the vulo pen. "You could do with some grain too," he says and opens the door to fill the trough and gather the eggs for the young master.
"What have you been doing," he asks the vulos as three of them have gotten themselves covered in some kind of mud. "I had better take you and wash you," he grabs two of the vulo's, tucking them under his arm. Before he can grab the third it darted out between his legs and started off down the path towards the village. Swearing, River locks the cage and chases after it. By the time he corners it, he is in the market by his master's house. He grabs the bird and as he stands up he sees his master walk past the window. Not knowing what else to do, he puts the vulos into the garden, behind the kitchen, meaning to return them once his master has gone on his travels.

A bit later....

In the early morning Jimmy awakes from the cries of his verr. He yawns, stands up, stretches and rubs his eyes. After putting his clothes on he tiptoes out the house to not wake the others of the family who are still snoring loudly in their beds.
As he left the house he shouts "Coming, babiesh!" and walks to the stable to feed and milk his verrs, pouring the milk into the cheese-maker. Finally he turns to the vulo-cage to grab some eggs for his breakfast.... and stands in shock! He counts in the verrherds way "Yan.... Tan... hmmmmmmmm". He rubs his eyes once more and counts again "Yan... Tan....", then shakes his head and mumbles  "no tesher... mesher... pip". He inspects the cage if a wild beast broken into it, but the wire fence seems to be fine. "Shievesh!", he shouts out at the only conclusion.

He hurries into the house and grabs parchment and a quill, and then scratches in his clumsy way - just learned to read and write: "3 VULOS STOLED! ENY HINTS ABOUT THE SEEF TO JIMMY OF THE CLAN BLOCH! REEWARD: 1 BASKIT OF EGGS!" He proudly looks down at his note, then scratches his head with the quill, considering he'd have no eggs as he has no  vulos. His gaze wanders over the shelves and he finally beams. He scratches the "Baskit of Eggs" and writes under it "1 TSHAR OF HONI!"

He blows over the parchment until the ink is dried, then runs to the marketplace to nail the parchment to his market stand.....


Master's Lil Sunshine looks at the notice and pales a little as he reads the scratchy handwriting. "three vulo's, missing, master" his mind starts to work three to the dozen at what to do now, he had meant to give the young master the birds but hadn’t seen him yet
Jimmy Bloch to the slaveboy "Yesh, shere were shree vulosh mishing shish morning", then he turns to look at the docks as he hears the seagulls "Ish shere a ship coming sho early in she morning?"
Jimmy Bloch looks around the now empty dock "Hmmm, I shinked I heared she sheagullsh"
Master's Lil Sunshine: you did, master .. they went that way... " river points in the direction of the fort.
Master's Lil Sunshine: greetings, again, master
Visiting Master: Greetings, point me toward the market
Master's Lil Sunshine : the market is just up the steps, master. i can show you. it is new.
Jimmy Bloch turns in the direction the slave pointed to "Oh, shere shey are!", then to the early morning visitors "Tal and greetingsh"
Jimmy Bloch frowns and mumbles something about "rude peoplesh", then turns to the inn to see, if his sisters have left some eggs over for his breakfast

Master's Lil Sunshine chews on his lip knowing he has the three vulo's in his master's back garden at the moment.
SatinBloch looks around the empty docks and wonders where people are.
SatinBloch shrugs and decides to go fishing again, makes her way up the steps past Franzi's shop
SatinBloch as she turns she sees Jimmy and River, and waves at them
Master's Lil Sunshine: waves at satin from the dock, "greetings, mistress"
SatinBloch: "Greetingsh Shimmy and River"
Jimmy Bloch: Oh, greetingsh, coushin. You ish up already sho early in she morning?
SatinBloch: "Yesh Shimmy, I couldn't shleep"
Master's Lil Sunshine :how are you today, mistress
SatinBloch looks around, "Shimmy, I found shomeshing"
Jimmy Bloch: Hmmm, hash you heared shomeshing lasht night? Shomeone hash breaked into she vulo-cashe and shtealed shree of my vulosh! - And I shink shat ish 'finded', coushin, not 'found'... Sho, what have you finded?"
Master's Lil Sunshine looks down at the ground suddenly finding it very interesting.
SatinBloch: "Vulosh? Shtolen? Oh no! Who would do shat?", thinks for a moment ...."Found ... finded ... found .... finded ..... yesh, you're right Shimmy, I finded shomeshing!"
Jimmy Bloch rubs his rumbling belly "I hadn't hash not even my firsht breakfasht today after shat shock! - Sho, what hash you finded, coushin?"
SatinBloch: "Oh, yesh! When I wash fishshing down at she river. I finded a barrel. But it wash too heavy for me to move to she farm houshe. Sho I covered it wish shome leavesh until I could ashk you how to move it!"
Jimmy Bloch looks at the slaveboy, his narrowed eyes wandering down the body, mumbling "fishing down at she River? Oh, coushin, you shouldn't... not wish shlavesh....", then his face brightens as he realizes "Oh! You were FISHING! FISHESH, you mean! Yesh... at she river! Hmmm.... I wonder who shrowsh barrelsh into she river. We can roll it up. A good barrel ish alwaysh good to have!"
SatinBloch looks at Jimmy, puzzled at his worried face, then laughs realising what he thought
Master's Lil Sunshine looks up startled as the master glares at him and for a moment he thinks that he has been discovered in his 'accidental theft' then he realises that the young master thought that he and satin.. "ohh no, master i wasnt there, not at all"
SatinBloch can't stop giggling at the thought of her and River
Jimmy Bloch Sho, show ush she plashe, coushin, shen we can roll it up to our farmsh
SatinBloch pulls herself together and reaches into her pouch, "Shere wash shomeshing elshe too Shimmy"
Jimmy Bloch : What, coushin?
Master's Lil Sunshine looks pained and begins to fidget uncomfortably
Jimmy Bloch smiles "Ah, shere comesh she osher of Franshish boysh. You are up early, boysh!"
SatinBloch pulls out 2 "saco de kanda" and shows them to Jimmy, "Sheeshe Shimmy"
Jimmy Bloch frowns "You taked uncle Veshtersh kanda???"
Shadow comess off the boat, wondering how any captain can get his cabin so filthy that it takes that long to clean, then seeing the free quickly knees for a moment
Shadow : Greetings, Master, Greetings, Mistress
Jimmy Bloch : Greetingsh Endy
SatinBloch: "Kanda? What'sh kanda? And I finded sheeshe down at she River when I wash fishshing too. I kept finding lotsh of shingsh shat weren't fishiesh"
Jimmy Bloch: how ish you shish morning?
SatinBloch looks round, "Greetingsh Endy"
Master's Lil Sunshine finds his feet very fascinating , wanting to look anywhere but at the master and mistress. he stifles a groan seeing his brother and makes sure he doesnt look at him
SatinBloch: glances at River wondering why he is so uncomfortable, it can't be from what Jimmy thought as they got that sorted ......
Jimmy Bloch :: It'sh kanda, Shatin. She leavesh shat uncle Veshter shmokesh in hish pipe. But it ish wet, if you finded it in she river, I shink. You hash to dry it
Shadow : smiles "very well Master, and the captains cabin is finally clean" and looks to his brother wondering how he got out of that duty, then wonders why his brother is not meeting his eye "Greetings, my brother?" he says curiously
SatinBloch: "Oh! Do you shink Uncle Veshter would like it ash a preshent shen?"
Jimmy Bloch :: I heared uncle Veshter already complaining, shat he ish running out of kanda. Maybe he losht shat back, when he wash dru... errrr.... too eggshaushted from hish work in she forshe and didn't notish it?
SatinBloch nods, "I can drop it off at hish forshe on she way to she river if we're going?"
Jimmy Bloch :: I ish shure, he will be very happy about it, after you dried it. It will dry quickly in she forshe, I shink
SatinBloch nods, "I will do shat shen"
Jimmy Bloch : from the corner of his eyes notices River fidgeting nervously "Shtop fishiting, River"
SatinBloch looks at River, "You hashn't shat on an antsh nesht hash you?"
Master's Lil Sunshine :: sorry, master
Jimmy Bloch :: ((giggles at the thought of the kanda-leaves catching fire and the fumes getting all Sarona high))
Master's Lil Sunshine :: no mistress
SatinBloch: "Becaushe you keep moving like you hash got antsh in plashesh you shouldn't"
Jimmy Bloch : nods in agreement
Master's Lil Sunshine : puts his hands behind his back and forces himself to stay still
Jimmy Bloch :: Well, we should go ansd shee for shat barrel, coushin, caushe I shoon hash work to do
SatinBloch: "Yesh Shimmy, let'sh go"
Jimmy Bloch :: Come boysh, you two can help wish she barrel!
Master's Lil Sunshine : thinks hard about how he can get this sorted out. if his master was here he could go to him and explain but he isnt...
Shadow looks confused "what’s that noise?"

[vulos come running from Franzi's backyard]

SatinBloch: "Ish shat a vulo walking round she market?"
Shadow :: then leaps out the way as something brushes part him, thinking its an urt
Master's Lil Sunshine : looks down and gasps .. "isnt this one of your vulo's master
Jimmy Bloch : frowns as they pass Franzi's house. He stands abruptly "Your mashter hash vulosh in hish garden now?"
Jimmy Bloch :: Ohhhhhhhhh
Master's Lil Sunshine :: they must have got out
SatinBloch: "Where hash River run off to?"
Jimmy Bloch : kneels down to get a closer look "Lishbesh!!! Shere you are! what are you doing out heresh???? And where are your shishtersh?"
Master's Lil Sunshine runs off knowing that all three were in his master’s garden. “there is another one here,” he calls.
SatinBloch points "Shere are anosher two"
Jimmy Bloch : beams happily "Oh, shey musht have breaked out she cashe shomehow!"
Shadow : frowns "Your Vulo have escaped Master?"
Shadow : nods "Lucky you found them Master"
SatinBloch looks at Jimmy, "But how could shey get out coushin?"
Jimmy Bloch :: hmmm, only two. Lishbesh and Shinshinaty Daishy.... Where might she shird be?
Master's Lil Sunshine :: there is another one
Master's Lil Sunshine :: it looks like an urt got it
Jimmy Bloch : bends down again talking to the vulos as if they'd understand him "Where hash you left your shishter Calamity Shane?", then he beems "Ah, shere she ish!"
Jimmy Bloch :: hmmm, she doesh not look good
Shadow :: *nods
Jimmy Bloch : looks over to the infirmary "Maybe I hash to bring her to she healer latersh?"
Master's Lil Sunshine : swallows hard, knowing he had a close escape this time
Jimmy Bloch : takes Calamity Jane up from the ground, carrying her, while the others just follow him. He forgets to take off the notice from the market stand, too happy and excited the he found his vulos again. "Well, not letsh shee for she barrel, coushin!"
Master's Lil Sunshine :: there must be a hole in the coup, master
SatinBloch: "She barrel? Oh! Yesh! She barrel. Shis way"
Master's Lil Sunshine :: or maybe they dug their way out.
Master's Lil Sunshine :: “yess the barrel,” river cries, glad of the distraction
SatinBloch pauses at the forge to drop off the sacks of kanda, putting them safely in a corner away from the forge.
Jimmy Bloch : shrugs "I don't know how shey getted out", then follows his cousin, carrying Calamity Jane in his arms, followed by the other two. He strokes Calamity Jane as he walks, which is fine, as she's a chick, not a cock
SatinBloch: "I shought we were going shat way? I got to she forge and left she shacksh, and you were all shtill here"
SatinBloch: "I put shem shafely in she corner"
SatinBloch: [03:40] SatinBloch gets down to teh river and looks around, trying to remember where she hid the barrel
Jimmy Bloch : nods looking into the forge "Yesh, uncle Veshter will find it, I shink"
Shadow : jumps over the wall, and picks up a stick and some dead leaves from the palm tree from the ground, and makes a splint for the plant to hold it upright, and quickly shovels as mush soils as he can back into the container, making a note to ask his Master if they can save it, and curing at how many of the berries the Vulo have eaten. He quickly slashes some water into the soil, and hurries off after the clan and his brother before he gets told off for not having stayed with them as the Master ordered them to help
Shadow : skids to a halt at the farm, then looks confused as to where the other two are
Shadow : looks at the cage thoughtfully "it seems intact, Master, how strange"
Jimmy Bloch :: ((lots of stuff to continue RP))
Shadow :: ((*nods and grins))
Jimmy Bloch : nods "Yesh, I wonder how shey getted out. And I worry about Calamity Shane. She doeshn't look good. Shomeshing ish wish her leg. If she doeshn't get better, I hash to bring her to she healer!"
Jimmy Bloch : locks the coup carefully, then turns around "Sho, where did my coushin go?"
Jimmy Bloch : shouts: SHATIN!?!
SatinBloch shouts: SHIMMY?!?!
Jimmy Bloch : shouts: SHATIN?!?
Jimmy Bloch : shouts: WHERE ISH YOU???
SatinBloch shouts: WE'RE HERE AT SHE RIVER!!!
Shadow : follows the Master
SatinBloch shouts: SHISH WAY!!!
Jimmy Bloch : looks down to the river which runs through the WHOLE ISLAND and grunts, then shouts - wondering why the slaveboy next to him is grimacing "WHERE?!?"
Jimmy Bloch :: Oh, shere you ish!
SatinBloch mut"Yesh. By she river ...."
SatinBloch waves at the large barrel, "Shat'sh what I finded"
Jimmy Bloch : opens the barrel and sniffs "Hmmm, it ish full of beer!"
SatinBloch: "It wash heavy to pull out of she river ....."
Jimmy Bloch :: Hmm, she boysh can roll it up she hill?
Shadow : lookss at the barrel, then at the Blochs celebration area, then at the barrels "Gosh, I wonder how it got here..." he says carefully, hoping the Mistress does not realise
Jimmy Bloch : looks at the barrel which seems heavy, then at the long path up the hill, then at the slaves
SatinBloch: "I don't know what you want to do wish it Shimmy ..."
SatinBloch: "I shought maybe we could have it up at she farm houshe?"
Shadow : pushes at the barrel "yes, we can do that... I think Master"
Master's Lil Sunshine : grins thinking about the barrel of paga in the same house as the sisters
Shadow : pushes the barrel onto its side, and begins to shove it with his brother
SatinBloch moves out of the way
Master's Lil Sunshine : helps his brother to move the barrel out of the bushes
Shadow : mumbles a littles about all the bumps
Master's Lil Sunshine :: helps his brother to roll it up the hill
SatinBloch: "I hope shey don't drop it or shpill any Shimmy"
Shadow : groans, wishing there was a path... a nice.. easy flat one....
Master's Lil Sunshine :: lucky the vulos hadnt been stolen dont you think
SatinBloch follows the boys up the hill to check on them
Shadow : grimices
Shadow :: well, they have done a lot of..... mess in out yard... and they have badly damaged the black wine plant, and eaten most of the berries... I am not sure if our Master will be angry with the farmer
SatinBloch pauses and calls to the boys, "Why are you taking it up she shteep bit?"
Master's Lil Sunshine :: but it will be okay .. wont it?
Shadow : shrugs "unless it dies"
SatinBloch pauses and calls to the boys, "Why are you taking it up she shteep bit?"
Master's Lil Sunshine :: ohh i dont think it will
Shadow :: Well, I have done what I could, hopefully it will be ok
Master's Lil Sunshine :: wondering why they went the hard way instead of following the path
Shadow : groans, heaving the barrel up the step
 Jimmy Bloch :: Plashe it here in she shadows. I hope it'sh shtill cool from she water. Uncle Veshter likesh beer
Jimmy Bloch : adds "... and paga"
Jimmy Bloch : adds "... and hish kanda..."
Jimmy Bloch : adds "... and shul-paga..."
Jimmy Bloch : adds ".... and wine and mead and all she osher drinksh"
Shadow : nods
SatinBloch: "Where ish it going?"
Shadow :: The MAster said it to place here, Mistress
SatinBloch: "In she corner between she bensh and she door?"
Jimmy Bloch : nods "Yesh, here in she shadow ish fine. I hope shough nobody shtumble over it"
SatinBloch nos and watches the boys roll it into place
Jimmy Bloch :: Shank you for your help, boysh. Remind me to give you a honey candy when I have one again. I wonder where shey all have gone...
Jimmy Bloch : rolls his eyes up as he thinks of Shimona....
Master's Lil Sunshine :: ohh thank you, master
Jimmy Bloch :: Well, I hash to take care of my verrsh now. Shey hash been lonely all morning
SatinBloch nods at Jimmy, "Yesh, look after your verrsh, shey are very good onesh"

[lots of options for continuing RP in there....]

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