Tuesday, 21 January 2014

River uses the 1st boy card

[05:24] Master’s Lil Sunshine: "Have you seen Simona lately, my brother?"

[05:25] Endy: me frowns thinking, "thankfully, no, my brother"

[05:26] Master’s Lil Sunshine: “I thought we could make her a cake, with a special ingredient and sit back and watch the results.”

[05:26]  Endy: “a special ingredi.... oh..... you mean....” Endy grins. “That could be fun.”

[05:26]  Master's Lil Sunshine: “the blacksmith always leaves a bag of kanda in his forge.”

[05:27]  Endy blinks, realising the type of ingredient his brother means "ohhhhh" then thinking of the results grins even more "aye, that could be very interesting"

[05:28]  Master's Lil Sunshine: “we could get into trouble though.”

[05:29]  Endy bites his bottom lip thinking for a moment, "well.... Vester uses so much Kanda, and is always losing it, I am sure he will not notice a little more missing.”

[05:30]  Master's Lil Sunshine: “and it will be funny to see Simona.”

[05:30]  Endy grins "very funny"

[05:30]  Master's Lil Sunshine: “let's go up and see if we can find some.”

[05:31]  Endy nods "yes, my brother"

[05:31]  Master's Lil Sunshine starts off without waiting to see if his brother is following him. “what is that awful smell?”

[05:32]  Endy sniffs "I don;t kno...... euuuuuuuuuuuu"

[05:32]  Master's Lil Sunshine rounds the corner and sees a huge pile of what can only be called shit in the middle of the path.

[05:32]  Endy:”ohhhhh crap.”

[05:32]  Master's Lil Sunshine grabs his nose. "Yes, Endy, i believe it is"

[05:33]  Endy looks disgusted "why would.... where.... why......" Endy shudders

[05:33]  Master's Lil Sunshine: “what the ... could make that much! ... I hope it’s not still around.”

[05:33]  Endy: “Jimmy’s bosk?

[05:34]  Master's Lil Sunshine: “that would be one heck of a bosk!” Master's Lil Sunshine tries to breath through his mouth, keeping his nose tightly pinched. "we cant leave it there,"

 [05:34]  Endy thinks "are you sure?"

[05:35]  Endy looks at the shit for a moment, then pouts "village street means a village slave’s job?"

[05:35]  Master's Lil Sunshine carefully skirts around the pile of dung and slips into the smiths, returning with a sack and a spade.

 [05:36]  Endy frowns, looking at the plants nearly.

[05:36]  Master's Lil Sunshine  passes the shovel to his brother and looks at the pile, then at the shovel then back at the pile.

 [05:36]  Endy: well, we could always put it with these plants to help them grow

[05:37]  Master's Lil Sunshine: “I don’t think so. I think we should dump it over the cliff after you put it all in to this sack.” Master's Lil Sunshine holds the sack open and gives his brother a crafty grin
[05:38]  Endy: me frowns, then sighs

 [05:38]  Endy sinks the shovel in, then has second thoughts. “I am taking off my silks.” Endy puts his silks on the wall

[05:39]  Master's Lil Sunshine: “good idea, endy.” Master's Lil Sunshine watches his brother as he strips off his silk, unable to stop himself from licking his lips at the nice thick cock that is nestled in a thatch of dark hair.

[05:40]  Endy mutters to himself "breath through the mouth, breath through the mouth.”

[05:41]  Master's Lil Sunshine holds the sack open so that his brother can shovel the dung inside.

[05:42]  Endy shovels the first few shovelfuls into the sack, then looks at his brother, sorely tempted to "spill" it over the sack and onto his brother. “stinks.......” Endy pants a little as he woks, then his face screws up as he took in a breath through his nose.

Lil Sunshine: “actually I think you can manage on your own, " he lets go of the sack and goes over and sits on the wall to watch his brother. "too many cooks and all that shit." river giggles at his little joke.

[05:45]  Endy growls softly "yes... hmmm... brother" Endy lets a bit more liberal with the levering of the dung allowing some to fling in odd directions

[05:47]  Master's Lil Sunshine: you are doing a very good job, my brother.

[05:48]  Endy growls through clenched teeth "Thank.... you.... my.... brother....."

[05:48]  Master's Lil Sunshine jumps down from his perch as his brother puts the last little bit in to the sack.

 [05:49]  Endy knocks the shovel against the wall to dislodge the last of the muck "accidentally" showering his brother.

[05:50]  Master's Lil Sunshine frowns at his brother's clumsiness, "okay, my brother bring it with you and we can find somewhere to dump it

 [05:53]  Endy: so, where to..... spread it....

[05:53]  Master's Lil Sunshine waves endy to follow him, "this way my brother

[05:54]  Endy me pants, dragging the sack behind him.

[05:55]  Master's Lil Sunshine hides a smile as his brother struggles with the sack. "I would help you, endykins, but you are already so ... well i am a lot cleaner than you are at the moment .. " besides , i know how you like to show your strength off to me

[05:56]  Endy growls softly.

[05:57]  Master's Lil Sunshine: “mmm, now where to dump it.” Master's Lil Sunshine looks around concidering what to do with the sh... sack. “over that way i think.” He charges off towards the cliffs. “its a bit steep here.”

 [06:02]  Endy: “eeeeeuuuuuuu, its leaking!” Endy shudders

[06:03]  Master's Lil Sunshine tries to smother a giggle as his brother turns around to show a trail of wet poo running down his back

[06:03]  Endy: “could release it here?”

[06:04]  Master's Lil Sunshine finds a way down to the water’s edge and shouts: “how about just here?”

[06:05]  Endy: “hmm, could do. would it effect the water?”

[06:05]  Master's Lil Sunshine thinks for a moment or two, "you are right, it might. maybe we should find some wild plants and tip it over them?”

[06:07]  Endy: “like the ones I pointed out where we came from?”

[06:08]  Master's Lil Sunshine ignores his brother and shouts over his shoulder,  “hurry up endy.”

[06:08]  Endy mutters and continues to drag the sack.

 [06:08]  Master's Lil Sunshine shouts: “Here,”  Master's Lil Sunshine shouts, “up here, endy in the poppies.”

[06:10]  Endy struggles up the hill, the bag leaking behind him.

[06:11]  Master's Lil Sunshine smirks as his brother finally catches up with him, panting heavily from the weight of the sack. “tip it over these flowers i think, endy.”

[06:12]  Endy nods "ok" Endy begins to tip the sack, then moves back, trying to allow an even spread

[06:13]  Master's Lil Sunshine steps back so not to get any on him.

[06:14]  Endy shakes the bottom of the sack, allowing the last of the dung onto the plants.

[06:14]  Master's Lil Sunshine: “I think I did a good job there.”

[06:15]  Endy slaps his brother playfully on the back with..... mucky hands..... "Yes, my brother, a wonderful job" and grins. Endy looks over to the lake, "hmmmmmmmmmmmm"

[06:15]  Master's Lil Sunshine smiles , pleased with himself then wrinkles his nose. "by the priest kings you do stink.. EWWWWWW just for that, I might get you to muck out jimmy's bosks for a week. you need a wash, my brother."

[06:16]  Endy: “oh, but you know he keeps that for his favourite hired slave, so that he can bathe him later....”

[06:17]  Master's Lil Sunshine pushes endy gently in the middle of his back, seeing he is on the edge of the bank, smirking as he falls in.

[06:17]  Endy spashes his brother from the water "come on in, the waters...... well.... freezing...."

 [06:19]  Master's Lil Sunshine dives in and swims up behind endy and jumps on his back , pushing his head under the water.

[06:19]  Endy swims deep, ducking and diving, and rubbing his hands on his body parts that he can reach, then splutters as his brother attempts to drown him "hey!"

[06:20]  Master's Lil Sunshine swims over to the boat floating just at the end of the dock and climbs up into it. Master's Lil Sunshine holds out his hand as an apology

[06:22]  Endy spashes around more, trying to get any sign of the much off of him.

[06:22]  Master's Lil Sunshine: “come and sit with me.”

[06:22]  Endy takes his brothers hand, and clambers aboard.

[06:23]  Master's Lil Sunshine clambers on his brother's lap. "i am sorry i made you clean the shit up, endy. " but now you can have your reward.”

[06:24]  Endy pulls his brother closer to him for warmth, and gently kisses him "hmmmmph.... should give you a spanking"

[06:24]  Master's Lil Sunshine brings his lips up to meet yours, kissing you tenderly. Master's Lil Sunshine pulls back a bit, "hmm first boy, remember"

 [06:25]  Endy mutters "we will see about that...."

[06:26]  Master's Lil Sunshine slips his hand behind endy's head and kisses him again.

[06:27]  Endy grins, kissing his brother back"

[06:27]  Master's Lil Sunshine: “you do smell a bit sweeter now.”

[06:28]  Endy smiles "why thank you"

[06:29]  Endy grins, sniffing his brother, and kissing his neck at the same time, "you smell like you have been playing with the farmer again"

[06:30]  Master's Lil Sunshine slaps his brother across the head, "I smell better than you do"

[06:30]  Endy's black hair: River Airy whaps Endymion upside the head.

[06:31]  Endy sighs "I should swim again"

[06:32]  Master's Lil Sunshine: “well you could, or you can just kiss me again.”

[06:33]  Endy grins, kissing his brother passionately "oh, because I remind you of the farmer now?" and grins cheekily

[06:33]  Master's Lil Sunshine: “there is that. you sort of get used to him..”

[06:33]  Endy smiles. “have you and he?” Endy grins, having been curious about the farmer

 [06:35]  Master's Lil Sunshine smiles again, blushing slightly in his cheeks. "He was curious about boys, so i .... cured his curiosity so to speak.”

[06:36]  Endy giggles "oh?"

[06:36]  Master's Lil Sunshine whispers .. "he is rather big for such a small man, if you know what I mean"

[06:36]  Endy's eyes widen and a grin spreads further across his face "I see"

[06:37]  Master's Lil Sunshine settles back in the boat, his arm around his brother. "It’s nice here, isn’t it?"

[06:38]  Endy smiles and nods "aye, nice and hidden away, with a spectacular view"

[06:39]  Endy nuzzles against the back of his brother's neck.

[06:40]  Master's Lil Sunshine closes his eyes, and links his fingers with his brother's. “i hope our master never sells one of us.”

 [06:42]  Endy frowns "I.. don't think so... though... Maybe if Jimmy expressed an interest....." [06:43]  Endy grins

[06:43]  Master's Lil Sunshine nods, “jimmy is really nice ... and he is kind and even attractive, He would be a good master but .. i love our master so very much.”

[06:44]  Endy: “no... I dont think he would... unless one of us really angered him.”

[06:46]  Master's Lil Sunshine: “I will be glad when our master gets home, He has been away so long. I wonder why he sent us home first. I do hope he is safe in the desert.”

[06:48]  Endy gulps "maybe he is buying a new boy"

[06:48]  Master's Lil Sunshine:” i hope not. no... he wouldnt .. i am sure he wouldnt .. unless he found a cheap one that he thought he could make a profit on.”

[06:50]  Endy nods "or one he took pity on... or a very pretty one."

[06:50]  Master's Lil Sunshine: “i don’t like that.”

[06:50]  Endy: “or one that had a big dic.....”

[06:50]  Master's Lil Sunshine giggles

[06:50]  Endy: “dictionary of words.”

[06:50]  Master's Lil Sunshine laughs and slaps his brother again.
[06:51]  Endy's black hair: River Airy whaps Endymion upside the head

06:51]  Endy giggles. “Well, he is our Master, we can only obey whatever he decides.”

 [06:52]  Master's Lil Sunshine yawns, "i am tired, it must have been cleaning up that dung that did it." River grins mischievously at the insinuation that he had done the work and not Endy.

[06:53]  Endy tweaks his brothers nipple "we should put you to bed?" Endy yawns a little "hmmm, I think a short nap is in order too..... though some of us need our beauty sleep more than others.”

[06:54]  Master's Lil Sunshine: or we could dose here.

[06:54]  Endy tickles his brother playfully.

[06:54]  Master's Lil Sunshine: “you do need it more than me, my brother.”

[06:55]  Endy nods and yawns, being lulled by the lapping lake "hmm... true"

[06:55]  Master's Lil Sunshine tickles his brother back .. soon they are having a tickle fight , rocking the small boat back and forth violently till they capsize

[06:55]  Endy growls "that was to the sleeping... not the.. aaargghhhh!."

[06:56]  Master's Lil Sunshine breaks the surface of the lake, giggling madly and then stikes out for the shore.

[06:56]  Endy: “gaaaa.”

[06:56]  Master's Lil Sunshine runs up to the small camp area and sits down on the fur.

[06:57]  Endy shakes off what water he can, then joins his brother.

[06:58]  Master's Lil Sunshine: we could sleep here

[06:59]  Endy yawns softly,

[07:02]  Master's Lil Sunshine snuggles close to his brother and closes his eyes, drifting off to sleep

[07:04]  Endy pokes his brother's back gently, then finding that he has gone to sleep, he hurries off to finish their chores before their Master gets home, knowing that his brother needs waaaay more beauty sleep.

 [07:09] Master’s Lil Sunshine opens one eye and sees his brother going. "Yes" he whispers to himself, knowing his brother would take it on himself to finish off their chores. "Never fails," he says softly to himself as he settles down for a nice afternoon nap in the sun.

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