Friday, 13 April 2012

Princes or Lannisport ~ Direwolves are captured~

Midnight snores and growls in his sleep. He suddenly looks up as he hears the clopping sounds
Snowfall lifts his head too, sniffing the air.
Shadow whimpers softy, sniffing the air carefully, his nostrils flaring
Midnight sniffs the air and growls too.
Snowfall pulls back his ears, a growl rumbling in his throat.
Midnight sends a howl, claiming their territory.
Snowfall echoes his call, making his voice sing with his pack brother.
Midnight's hair in his neck straightens.. Signalizing to his pack, "danger!"
Snowfall sees two legs in the distance and crouches in the long grass, growling. He gets close to the ground, his teeth bared.
Shadow watches the two legs carefully, wondering if they are coming to offer the princes of the forest more sacrifices.
Snowfall crouches behind a rock, his golden eyes fixed on the two legs and their beasts.
Tyrellious Lannister: " Someone has earned their trust..... Notice the bandage on its leg."
Misha: “the grand maester said they are here as it is getting colder in the north and there is much more food here.”
Sorin Hill: “Ser preparations are complete.”
Tyrellious Lannister: “We laid a trap at the city gates.... TO see if can lure them in and capture them."
Snowfall creeps up behind the two legs, he bares his fangs and lays down, keeping out of sight but keeping his eyes on them.
Sorin Hill: “Your orders, Sire?
Misha holds his horse steady as it starts to become uneasy. "Easy boy, you are bigger than the wolf" he says as he is unaware of the one behind him.
Tyrellious Lannister: “I want to be sure no one harms them... One appears to be shot in the leg and wrapped.... That means someone tended it... Someone that is."
Misha blinks, "Oh ummmm yes, must of been a kind person to so such a thing."
Sorin Hill: “I made this clear to every guard, Sire.”
Snowfall sniffs the air, trying to detect his pack, catching the scent of his pack brother and alpha he crouches down further in the grass.
Tyrellious Lannister looks at his squire. “Who would do such a thing you think?" Narrow his eye
Sorin Hill: “we’ll be waiting at the gates.” Sorin Hill returns to the gatehouse
Misha: “Oh a nice person I am sure, someone who is caring" he says as he did not offer that it was him. “I wish you well sir.”
Tyrellious Lannister: “The wolves need to avoid the gate if they don't want to be caught....” was all he said.
Snowfall darts across the to the deep flowers, hiding his white fur in the foliage
Misha takes the reins of his prince’s horse "I will take him into the stables for you, my prince." hoping that the wolf pack causes no trouble he turns and heads back to the stable.

Midnight howls to his pack... the prey too big and probably too risky to chase, especially as there's so much easier food around.
Snowfall growls as he sees anther twoleg.
Midnight ducks in between the deep grass and flowers, watching the two-leg at the entrance to the big den of stone, but hesitating to attack as another one approaches
Sorin Hill puts three roasted chickens within the gates
Snowfall sniffs the air, food. he howls to attract the attention of his pack brother
Midnight comes closer to his pack-brother and sniffs the air too... MORE FOOD!!!!
Snowfall inches forward, the twoleg having gone away.
Sorin Hill hopes that the wolves will be lured by the smell of chicken.
Snowfall is driven forward by the delicious scent of the meat
Midnight carefully looks around the corner of the entrance of the two-legs' den, lured by the smell of another sacrifice they made them, the princes of the forest.
Snowfall growls at his alpha, yapping a warning, he can still smell twolegs
Sorin Hill stays hidden within the gatehouse.
Midnight looks at the chicken... slowly crawling closer, smelling the two-legs, but the easy prey too tempting. He jumps.
Sorin Hill waits for the other two wolves to close in for their dinner.
Snowfall sees his alpha dart forward and creeps in, inching bit at a time.
Midnight catches the chicken in the air as it tries to fly away.. landing back on his paws with a snap of his jaws he breaks it's neck.
Snowfall pounces pinning the bird to the ground and biting into the flesh.
Midnight bites at his pack brother as he tries to steal his prey
Shadow whimpers softly, looking at the tasty flesh, but knowing his place as omega and having to wait for his brothers.
Snowfall whimpers as his alpha snaps his jaws at him.
Shadow paces, his stomach rumbling at the smell of the blood.
Snowfall can't wait any longer; he tries to take some meat from his pack brother.
Shadow yelps as something lands on his tail
Snowfall whimpers as the gate slams down behind him
Sorin Hill orders the gate to close as the wolves are within the gatehouse.
Midnight jumps as he was just gnawing on the chicken, not sharing with his pack,  and the walls come down.
Snowfall scratches at the wall trying to dig out.
Shadow digs at the large stone that has suddenly fallen and blocked them into the cave.
Shadow "open" he growls at it "we are the princes, you will open for us"
Snowfall scents the two legs and turns his attention behind him, growling and snapping at it.
Sorin Hill: “So you’re our little troublemakers?”
Snowfall’s sharp fangs glint and saliva drips from his jaw
Shadow reaches his head through the bars, snapping at the two leg
Midnight turns as Snowfall growl at the other side. He notices the human and growls too, snapping at the trees that separates them.
Sorin Hill: “Do not worry no harm will befall you three.”
Snowfall growls “let us out two leg, we are princes of the forest,”
Midnight growls even more as the two-legs growls at them
Sorin Hill throws them a large steak *as he hears their howling and growling.
Midnight gnaws at the trees in the attempt to free him and his pack.
Shadow scratched frantically at the stone
Snowfall howls in frustration
Shadow "you will never kill us, we will stalk you in the night" he howls defiantly at the two leg.
Midnight looks for a moment at the meat the two-legs threw through the trees, but after the chicken he's not hungry at all anymore... sniffs for a moment at it anyways... then leaves it to his pack, continues growling and gnawling.
Snowfall sees the meat and pounces on it, hungry, all the time his eyes on the two legs and a growl in this throat.
Shadow looks up, then at the bars, then up again
Snowfall swallows down the meat and then lunges at the trees and snaps through the bars at the two legs snagging a corner of his fur.
Shadow slams himself against the bars whimpering softly as he hits the ground
Midnight getting tired from digging and gnawing scratches, then sits and looks around.
Snowfall lays down, his eyes fixed ahead of him, his lip curling every now and then warning the twoleg.
Shadow growls at the bars, knowing that he is thin enough to get through them.
Midnight after some consideration tries to jump over the trees. He growls as he fails
Snowfall tries to crawl through the gap between the trees
Shadow yelps as he lands on the alpha, and gets bitten
Midnight tries to get through the gaps again like his pack-brothers.... almost... almost....
Snowfall bares his teeth and growls, “this is alpha, he will rip out your throat,”
Midnight growls again in frustration
Jenifer Hilltop: “greetings.”
Jenifer Hilltop: “watches the rather large dogs, are they wolves ?”
Sorin Hill: “ma’am if you could do me a favour.”
Midnight growls again as another two-legs approaches.
Jenifer Hilltop: “are they friendly ?”
Sorin Hill: “not a bit.”
Snowfall snaps at the bars again
Sorin Hill: “it would be not a good idea to get to close to them.”
Jenifer Hilltop stands back a bit more
Snowfall chews on the trees keeping him and his pack back from the twolegs.
Jenifer Hilltop: “I thought they might be nice doggies that got lost.”
Sorin Hill: “I hope they may get tired soon.”
Jenifer Hilltop: “Are we safe with them in there?”
Snowfall snaps at the two legs as it gets close
Sorin Hill: “I do not know.”
Jenifer Hilltop: eeek jumps back again
Midnight sits back again, getting tired... and hungry again.
Sorin Hill: “The prince liked the idea to keep them alive.”

Snowfall snaps at his brother's flank in frustration.
Shadow howls again, then takes another leap at the bars, scrambling at them, pushing himself upwards.
Sorin Hill: “makes me a bit sad to see them like this.”
Jenifer Hilltop: “They are rather noisy”
Snowfall sits down growling a bit then lays down and puts his muzzle on the ground.
Sorin Hill: “but other hand we want to learn about them.”
Jenifer Hilltop: “I think I shall retire to the bath house for a rest now.”
Jenifer Hilltop: “I hope they don’t escape and run all over the town!”
Jenifer Hilltop turns to leave. “I am glad you are here to guard the gate.”
Sorin Hill: “know what you three I have a compromise for you.”
Midnight snaps at the beta as he bites his back in frustration.
Snowfall cowers back from his alpha.
Inor McMillan: “you’ll stay here get the best food you can imagine.”
Snowfall lays down, and growls every now and then letting the twoleg know that he is not defeated
Sorin Hill: “A warm home above your heads.”
Snowfall inches forward at the barkings of the twoleg.
Midnight sits and tilts his head as the two-legs makes funny noises like "wuawuaaa wuaa wuaaa wuaaaa"
Sorin Hill: “and if you do not like it here we’ll let you go to the woods again.”
Snowfall tilts his head from side to side, the twoleg does not sound angry. He doesn't understand the words but the tone is soft.
Sorin Hill feels a bit strange trying talk to the wolves.

Snowfall shoves his muzzle through the bars, sniffing at the two legs, hoping for more meat.
Sorin Hill: “and your grey friend is injured right? We’ll have him healthy in no time *still trying to stay calm while shoving the wolves some sausages.
Snowfall sniffs at the sausage then snatches it from the two leg and runs to the far side of the trap and holds it with his paws as he eats. Snowfall finishes the sausage and moves tentatively to the two leg again, whining a little.
Midnight after a short growl at his pack-brothers grabs his own "rat" the two-leg threw through the woods as sacrifice and devours it smacking loudly.
Sorin Hill lets the gate open and kneels down to gain the wolves trust
Snowfall backs away as the woods vanish from in front of him and the two leg closes in. He looks to his alpha to see if he is going to attack.
Midnight backs away too as the two-legs approaches and the trees vanished. He growls, ready to defend the remaining "rats" (sausages)
Snowfall sees the twoleg lower his body to their height and he creeps forward again
Midnight - every single hair of his fur, his laid back ears, his bared fangs expressing one word: "Mine!"
Sorin Hill reaches slowly out to pet the white wolf
Snowfall pulls his head back sharply but doesn't bite. He sniffs again, looking for more food
Shadow smells more "rats" and moves forward towards the two legs and the alpha, his ears back and his expression fierce in case the two leg attacks them.
Sorin Hill: “I won’t hurt you”
Midnight pricks his ears up... his fangs still bared though... but sensing no harm intention from the two-leg....
Snowfall keeps wry eye on the twoleg but nudges him with his nose, smelling for more rats.
Midnight gets a bit closer too... cautious.... ready to  rip an arm off the two-leg any time in case he attacks
Sorin Hill: *laughs a bit* i do not have more sausages
Shadow creeps toward the alpha, wondering if he can steal one of the rats whilst the alpha is distracted.
Snowfall pushes his nose into the twoleg fur, nuzzling around looking for rats.
Midnight sniffs at the two-legs front paws smelling of the delicious rats.
Snowfall rolls on his back, thinking that might help get more.
Sorin Hill: “come I’ll get you a nice place you can sleep.”
Snowfall looks to his alpha, seeing what he is going to do.
Shadow growls softly, distrustful of the two leg, wondering why the alpha does not tear out its throat, but not wanting to attack whilst their alpha is showing less and less signs of anger at the two legs.
Midnight tilts his head again as the two legs makes more funny noises, but they don't sound threatening. He takes a pace back, but waits for him to lead them to more sacrifices they's give them -  princes of the forest.
Snowfall blobs his tongue out, thirsty from the frantic efforts to get out of the woods.
Snowfall follows the two leg and then sees water and runs to it, drinking heavily.
Midnight follows the beta's good example, feeling now how thirsty he also is, then howls victoriously as the two-legs have finally accepted their reign over the territory.
Shadow joins his voice in song with the alpha, celebrating their victory over the two legs.
Snowfall follows warily, sniffing the ground and air all the time.
Shadow whines anxiously as they more deeper and deeper into the two legs caves.
Sorin Hill opens up a large box that usually the horses use it is filled with fresh hay.
Midnight sniffs the air as they enter the big den of the two-leg, the scent of the big animals overwhelming in here
Snowfall sniffs the ground and moves inside, smelling the big four legs that the twolegs ride.
Snowfall slinks into the box and lays down in the straw.
Midnight looks from the two-leg to the wood and back, understanding "hooof woooo fwa fwa sleep hoof"
Shadow sniff at the straw cautiously with his brothers, then lies down, keeping his eyes on the two leg.
Sorin Hill closes the box slowly as the wolves had entered it.
Midnight looks around in the cave that seems to be comfy except the strong smell of the big animals.
Sorin Hill: “sleep well.”
Snowfall closes his eyes, tired from his efforts to get away, he knows his alpha and brother are with him
Midnight's too tired to care as the two-leg moves a tree before the entrance.. knowing he could jump over THIS fence anytime.
Snowfall opens one eye to watch the two leg leave, then closes it again and begins to dream of rats
Midnight snuggles close to his pack brothers, taking a nap until the two-legs will bring them more sacrifices.
Shadow curls up with his brothers, yawning softly, the smell of the rats strong of the alphas hot breath.
Snowfall whimpers in his sleep and kicks his pack brother as he chases chickens in his dreams

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