Saturday, 14 April 2012

Princes of Lannisport ~ Direwolves are captured~ pt 2

very small roleplay carrying on from the previous one.

Princes of Lannisport ~Direwolves are captured pt2

Snowfall wakes at the sound of footsteps and the smell of the twoleg getting closer, instinctively he growls a warning.
Sorin Hill: “Now, now what a friendly greeting?”
Snowfall: until he recognises the scent of the two leg with delicious rats, then he brings down his hackles and watches him carefully. Bolder and easier to trust than his pack brothers, Snowfall inches towards the two leg.
Sorin Hill: “Good wolf you are. I brought you something nice from the kitchen.
Snowfall pushes his nose into the twoleg and sniffs, searching for delicious rats,
Sorin Hill: no sausages today but some nice steaks
Snowfall jumps up with his massive pup paws on to the two legs chest and licks at his face, deciding that playing nice might get him fed quicker. Catching the scent of the meat, snowfall gets more excited and bounces back to four legs and whimpers.
Sorin Hill: “you can’t wait for it?” Sorin strokes the wolfs white fur a bit.
Snowfall rolls over, showing his belly to His two leg, after all they are princes of the forest and all princes should own his own two leg. Snowfall pushes his body to the twoleg, rubbing over him to make him smell better
Sorin Hill puts a wooden plate with some steaks and bones on the ground. “Leave some of it to your two sleeping friends!”
Snowfall dives on the food, as the alpha is not awake yet, it must be his. Snowfall snatches up a piece of meat and gobbles it down, hardly touching the sides as he swallows it almost whole, then he grabs up a big bone and sits with it between his paws, gnawing on it happily. Its nice having a two leg servant to bring him food. Snowfall cracks open his bone with his strong teeth and sucks out the marrowbone, holding it carefully between his paws. He gives a small yip, commanding his twoleg to get him some water. Seeing his twoleg doesn't seem to understand him, he barks his order for water again, two legs must need a lot of training.
Sorin Hill: thirsty huh *brings in a bucket of water that stood outside*
Snowfall barks a 'thank you' to his twoleg, and drinks deeply from the cool refreshing water. Having drank his fill, snowfall, rubs against the twoleg wanting his fur rubbed.
Sorin Hill: kneels down stroking the wolves fur softly
Snowfall nuzzles his twoleg, getting used to his smell. Having been fussed enough, Snowfall gives his twoleg leave to go, and he settles back down to sleep off his meal.
Inor McMillan closes the box as he walks out.
Snowfall doesn't mind the box door being closed, it keeps out the draft, but he can easily jump it if he wants to.

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