Monday, 23 April 2012

Franzi's party and two naughty slaves

It's our Master's RL Birthday, So Endy and I decided to throw him a party. I am pretty sure he has worked out that we are up to something but is too kind to say. Anyway, We hired his good friend and favourite DJ, Heloq, bought balloons, fireworks, made banners, I crafted a birthday invite

 (though i forgot to set it to open, hopefully everyone will work out that there is stuff in it.) I have been decorating the beach in secret. Putting out prims and taking them back in as bulk pickups. He doesnt want a Bday present so I got him a cake between Endy and I, its So cute, found Here.

this is what the beach looks like at the moment.

This boy hopes that his master isn't too angry with him.

Here are the party pictures ... Enjoy and


well the time of the party came and unfortunately no DJ, lucky for us the wonderful Wuzz stepped in and saved the night for us. Nearly everyone that was invited came so we had a fabulous time. Our Master was very surprised but also very tired by the end of the night. So it was a quick run back to our house and a quick cuddle then bed. 

Here are the pictures. Thank you everyone for coming. kisses to you all. 




Kenny and Kel

Wuzz, the lifesaver of the day

 Think i need another post for the next 25 pictures. Well that can wait till tomorrow i think. NINI everyone, kisses . especially to you, my master. love you so much. xxxx



  1. Well done with all the organizing you did for it my brother, the decorations were great, and the music was fun (thank god for Wuzz)... and also something... interesting you pointed out that night *grins*)

    You did brilliantly my brother xox heh, I like the comment afterwards of "is this going to be weekly?" think it would have you pulling your hair out XD

  2. i couldn't cope with the strain Endy, lol. i used to do it when i was head dancer of blaze but if the DJ didn't turn up i could just text Jarrod and say, babe i need you to DJ. 9 out of 10 times he was there anyway. If he couldn't do it then Zee could. At least the night was saved. see you later