Sunday, 22 May 2011

Early mornings

River comes sleepily out of the kennels and rubs his eyes. Automatically they drift to the basement doors, weary after finding them open not more than a hand ago. Seeing them closed, he sighs with relief and makes his way to the stairs. He walks into his master's main hall still rubbing his eyes and goes over to the door.  Hafnir rubs against his legs and absentmindedly he reaches down and pets the little beast. "When I am awake little one," he promises and then steps out into the bright morning sunshine. He sighs as hafnir darts between his legs and runs out into the courtyard too. "Okay okay," he says" but don’t get too near you will get wet" he squats down by the water pump and starts to wash. 

He stands up shivering from the cold water and walks over to dry in the sun. River uses the wall to climb up on top of the washing line and he perches there, his face turned to the sun and his eyes closed as his goose pimpled skin dries in the light heat of the early morning. In his mind he goes through what he has to do today. As soon as his brother woke he would get him to see to the animals. He didn’t feel like doing it himself today. Besides what is the use of being first boy if he didn’t exercise it now and then.
River opened his eyes and looked down at the Thassa; it was so peaceful at this time of day. It was his favourite time of day. His master was still dreaming in his bed, his chain brother was still wrapped in a fur in the kennel snoring softly and twitching now and then like a little puppy that was deep in a dream chasing after a ball or something like it. River laughed lightly, chuckling at the analogy. He suddenly pictured his brother's leg twitching, and he started giggling again. It seemed ages before he seemed able to stop. He wiped his tear filled eyes and looked down the Thassa once more sighing at how beautiful it looked with the sun sparkling on the crystal clear waters.

River: he must be crazy dragging his body from his furs at this ahn in the morning but he loved the peace. Just the sound of the birds and the lapping of the water on the small dock that sat outside his master's place of trading.  Behind him the flag of the village flapped in the wind, perched on top of the dock house. he looked down at the swan and her babies that ducked their heads every now and then looking for food. He should have brought the stale bread from the kitchen for them and he makes himself a mental note to do just that.... but not now.
 Note..... River sighs. He should check the notice board before he does anything else. In case his master left him a chore to do. His heart saddens as he remembers the last special chore he found on the notice board. Writing out and delivering the release papers of his absent brothers. And though it meant that his master's time was now split between only two sluts and he got more attention, it still filled him with sadness not knowing what had become of them
River looks down and sees a boy walk past, and shrugs as he doesn’t recognise him. He hopes that no one bothers the boy. River hears a splash and looks around confused, then laughs as he sees the wild boy Rocco has fallen off the bridge. He considers for a moment to go and help him then thinks Nah. He shouts “are you okay Rocco?”   River peers into the crystal clear waters looking for his friend
River sighs as the sky gets even brighter and he jumps down from his perch and goes back in the house to start his daily grind of chores. : as he enters he spots a box that he didnt see before on the table and a note with it. He reads it and then smiles and goes in to the office of his master and pins it to the notice board
Βīηא (xzno.darcy): wakes up feeling good and ready for the day go goes to work getting a crate he opens it and starts to put herbs spices and some other things in it he makes the crate with his seal its ready to go to the trade house then writes a note and sticks it to the box
βīηא (xzno.darcy): walking down the path to the traders house with the crate he comes to their door fumbling around with one had he finds the key he was given and opens the door he then makes his way to the table, being carefully he sets the crate on to the table then marks the note on it To trader Franzi
River feeds hafnir who is chasing him all morning and then throws his ball for him to chase. He goes into the living room and picks up the black wine tray from the night before and takes it in to the kitchen. He puts it in the wash bowl and then lights the stove ready to make fresh for when his master awakes. He then warms up a pan of bosk milk and spoons three spoons of gruel into a bowl. He waits till the milk begins to steam then tips it in, stirring it well. He adds two spoons of yellow sugar then sits on the work surface and eats it. Now he is ready to start his day

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