Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Yesterday I spent the entire day watching My Master build. At first I followed him around, but then I got clever and used radar to watch what he was doing. Then after a little while He rezzed a pillow and we sat on top of a building and relaxed together. To most people watching someone else build might seem boring but I find it fascinating. I dont know how he does it ... its as if he can see something in his head and he just makes it. It makes me so proud to belong to such a talented Master.
My Chain brother Endy is keeping a diary of pictures of the sim transformation. I just can't wait to see it finished.

1 comment:

  1. *heh* My lovely lil sunshine!

    But it's the other way round: I see something in my head and then I make... something completely different. It kinda 'grows'one into the other.

    Though I like building, I hope it's finished soon, so I can give my boys some more attention again.

    Love xoxox