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I signed on yesterday morning and before I had even rezzed properly I realised someone was in my master's house. This is the roleplay that commenced right afterwards. I have edited it to make it read more like a story but basically the roleplay and conversations are untouched. (they redeemed panthers for me for a little while.)

Kalana Fjord.
Winter Doune looks at the boy "is this your house thrall?" the free woman demanded as river stumbled out of the kennels, still drowsy with sleep.

“No it’s my master's,” he replies still wiping the sleep from his eyes. As he focuses he realises that the woman was a free.  “How might I help you mistress?”  River slips to his knees as he has now recovered from the shock of finding someone in his master's trading hold

Winter Doune nods "well. Obviously not yours.... but you should tell your master to remember to lock his doors... this is a warehouse is it not? It was all open. Not very wise"

River goes to the door and examines the lock and sighs deeply, “Its been broken,” he says.

Winter Doune lifts a brow and uses a surprised tone "it has? So you mean they where thieves here? Oh my... I’m lucky not to have been face to face with those" Winter Doune shakes her head "I guess that explains why the trading post was opened...."

River starts to worry cus he was sleeping in the kennels and never heard a thing

Winter Doune continues, “you're lucky they didn’t get to you boy... you might have woken up in a new home”

“Aye mistress,” river says agreeing with the nice mistress.

“Tal boy,” another female voice said from behind him.

“Tal mistress, might I offer you some hospitality mistress,” river asks always polite and ready to make an impression for his master.

Winter Doune smiles and says, “it's nice of you boy... but if you can repair locks I believe it is best you see to those first, and see what was taken, before your master wakes up... so he knows you did something to keep his belongings safe, even if it was a little late"

“Aye mistress,” river answers thinking that the mistress might be right. He stands back up and collects his tools from the slave kennel then comes back to mend the door.

Leyla nods in agreement

“They were lucky that fluffy hasn’t been well lately or they would be dead on the floor right now,” river says as he moves to the open door.

“Fluffy?” Winter questions.

“He doesn’t tolerate strangers,” river continues, not really paying attention to what he was saying

“Fluffy?” Leyla echoes.

“My master's pet sleen mistress. He guards the trade hall,” river continues innocently

Leyla looks around

“This is his cage,” river says moving over to the shut cage. : He was caged last night as he got aggressive with my chain brother

Leyla smiles, “well fortunate for us then”

“Ooo... we got lucky then yes... a sleen on the loose in a dock is never good” Winter says with a sly smile on her lips.

“No, no it isn’t,” Leyla echoes again.

River goes to the first door and fiddles with the lock until it releases once more and then he does the same to the other

Winter Doune looks at the boy getting close to the door with his tools, and gets a little closer "do you mind if I watch? I have to admit I am a little curious how you can repair a broken lock... I always thought it needed a blacksmith and a forge"

“Oh sorry mistress,” river says softly, “I have managed to release them already”

“So it wasn’t a big damage?”  Winter Doune asked.

River holds up a little thin tool made of metal. “I just use this mistress, sometimes though it doesn’t work and I have to see the blacksmith and get new ones.”

Leyla sees him holding the tool; curious myself I step in for a closer look

“Mmm, I see,” Winter Doune said, “so you got lucky they didn’t destroy the lock.”

Leyla pretending to be looking at the tool slides her hand under her skirt and pulls out her dagger and swiftly pull it to the boys throat, as her other hand snatches the tool tossing it to the side and then pushes the boy to his knees " boy you will be coming with us make one move and I will cut your pretty little throat " she growls.

River holds up the tool so that the mistresses can see it and gasps, shocked that the two ladies suddenly attacked him

Leyla having him to his knees, release rope from her hidden belt and begins to tie his hand tightly behind him in a gorean knot

Salomi Nexen gave you Steel Cord Bindings.
Steel Cord Bindings: River Airy has been bound by .

 Winter Doune takes a look left and right and then looks back at Leyla "coast clear. Let’s bag him and go

Leyla leaning down slips the remaining piece of rope around his ankles and ties them tightly in a double gorean knot and smiles to Winter as she speaks. “make sure to tack a note for his master’s return "

River looks up at the ladies, "why do you want me? I am no threat to you,” he asks with fear in his voice.
 Leyla slips a leash around the boys neck and begins pulling him to the boat docks and on to the boat

Steel Cord Bindings: Salomi Nexen takes a leash attached to River Airy's bindings.

Winter Doune nods "how about one saying. We got your boy. Love and kisses di'jan?"

Leyla laughs " oh sister that one would be lovely. Let’s get to those boats”

River tries hard to release himself and struggles all the way to the dock. “My master will be very angry, you should leave me here.”

Leyla smiles to the boy and leans down checking the ropes are tight and slips my dagger to remove his belt just in case there were more tools

River tries hard to persuade the mistress to let him go

Leyla seeing him tight and secure looks to the sailor and toss him some coins as she sees her sisters return. “Aye set sail captain.”

Winter Doune gets on the boat and pushed the boy well safely on it before shaking the sailor "we can leave now"

River struggles harder as the captain starts to cast off from the Dock River shouts: help, HELP

Leyla leans down frustrated as she pulls a gag out and wraps it around the loud boy’s mouth
Steel Cord Bindings: Salomi Nexen has placed a gag over River Airy's mouth.

River struggles hard as his mouth is gagged

“Well then.... what do you plan to do with the boy?” Winter asked her sister as they stepped off the ship.

“Don’t know yet,” Leyla says shrugging. Let’s go in the camp.”

“Sounds good but don’t take too long to find a buyer,” Winter says as she follows behind her sister who is dragging River over the rough ground.  “The faster we get rid of him faster we can enjoy the candy and food we got, and whatever the boy's worth.”

rose bush thorny: River Airy gets caught in the spikes.
[2011/05/13 02:45]  GM 4.02: TM Spike Trap hit you with rose bush thorny (7%) - strike type: trap

captured and bound
River cries out as he is dragged though a thorn bush his cry muffled by the gag

Winter Doune laughs "you're so evil... Careful not to damage him, he'll sell for less"

Leyla laughs “that bush popped out of nowhere I swear

River whimpers as he is dragged over the ground, his body being cut and bruised

 Winter Doune laughs, “sure, sure... well until he's sold try to keep him alive and still worth something...”

Leyla grins “maybe we should trade him or sell him to the dijan

Winter Doune looks down at the boy "I don’t suppose you have any idea of a good spot to sell you...not that it would be a good place to go to"

“The dijan? Mmm... So when his masters sends an assault... they find him there... will be funny... but I don’t know if they'll want to buy him” Winter Doune answers her sister.

River tries to speak, his eyes wild over the gag, he loved his master and his master loved him:” trade," he says into the fabric, the word muffled. "Trade.”

Leyla leans down next to the boy and looks over the thorn marks, reaching in her bag she pulls out a cloth and some salve wiping the cuts clean and placing slave on him so he is not damaged.

“But I suppose we could polish the truth a little... raise his master's level from a trade post owner to a mighty Ubar, who's very rich.. But has a decent army so we can’t keep him for ransom.” Winter pondered.

River groans as the mistresses plan his sale and lies they will tell

 Winter Doune looks down at the boy "what? Did you say something boy?"

River nods

Winter Doune looks down at him. “Well then say it again I didn’t hear you well”

Leyla runs her hand over my chin standing back up. “Hmmm we can do that say he is the boy of the Ubar hmm, and we are very convincing”

"Trade," river says again and again it is muffled by the gag

“ Mmm true...” Winter says.

River looks up pleadingly at the mistresses knowing his master will trade but not able to tell them

Winter Doune looks down at the boy. “At worse if the dijan won’t buy him we can bind him to a post and let them get him free.... they'll not let go a free chance to get stuff, and by the time the boy can talk to his master he will be planning a revenge on them.” She reaches down and loosens up the gag "now boy... what did you wanted to say?"

River struggles in his bonds once more

Steel Cord Bindings: Salomi Nexen has removed the gag from River Airy's mouth.

River gasps at the air as it fills his mouth once more. Making it easier for him to breathe.” trade me mistress, trade me to my master. He will negotiate to get me back I know he will.”

“And what would he offer for you?” Winter Doune asked.

River thinks hard wondering what he remembers listing,

Mmm... And we only found your master's fake storage... all the crates where empty... I don’t suppose you know where the real one is hidden? Winter Doune asks peering at the boy.

River: silks" he said, "my master has hundreds of silks from all over gor, fine beautiful silk ..... And candy ... he has candy.

Winter Doune looks at Leyla with a grin "hundreds of silks? Are you really worth that much?"

“Not all our goods are in the trade hall mistress,” River says softly, hoping that the mistresses would not see through his lie.

Leyla laughs " and what would we done with silks boy you help us we help you.”

“No mistress I am worth very little but maybe one bolt of silk,” River admits. “Even if you sold me mistress you would get less than three copper tasks”

“Maybe if you can give us maps to the other store maybe we can talk trade or release of you” winter says slyly.

“I am from earth and worthless,” river blurts out. “I don’t have them mistress.”

“If not then to the dijan you go,” Leyla says coldly.

“I am blind folded when we go there and blindfolded back,” river lies. “I am taken there only to work

Winter Doune peers at the boy, “Mmmm what did the other store room look like?  or smell like. Any sound to tell where it was? Or was the travel long... You must have an idea”

River thinks quickly "like the other one mistress. I only ever saw the inside. We walked for ahns and ahns mistress or so it seemed.”  River hopes the mistresses believe him not used to lying. “My master is not a rich man mistress but he is a fair man and honours his trades.”  River looks the first mistress in the eyes as he says it, knowing that much to be the utter truth

Winter Doune laughs "not rich? He has thousands of silks from all over gor, and a trade post, but he isn’t rich? What else you got boy?"

Leyla leans down to the boy staring him deep in the eyes pulling my dagger loose" look me in the eye boy and tell me again you don’t remember anything about where it is or how to get there or anything that tells you where it would be”

River sighs. “The silks are results of trades’ mistress. Maybe hundreds is an exaggeration but he does have bolts of silks I have seen them.” River licks his lips nervously and looks the mistress in the eye. The conformation of his lie reaches his lips but he cannot say it. He sighs sadly. "There is no other warehouse mistress; my master is struggling to keep the trade post open. There are silks, not hundreds but maybe three four bolts, and he does have candy. River turns his head away knowing that he may never now see his beloved master again

Winter Doune thinks for a moment, “Mmmm, if it’s the candy in the kitchen I already got a bag full: boy... I have a few questions, and you better have a good answer”
River looks up again at the mistress

“First; do you know who we are or where we are?” Winter asked river, as she looked down at him.

River tried to keep looking at her the pressure of lifting his head hurting his back

Leyla laughs and stands looking down at the boy waiting playing with my dagger

River chews on his lip slightly as he sees the sun flash on the dagger. "No mistress," he whispers. “I do not know you or where we are."

Winter Doune grins under the veil "good. Perhaps you would like to know then?"

River lowers his head again and looks at the dirt. ”if it pleases mistress," he says sadly

 Winter Doune laughs "are you not the least curious?"

River answers softly. "Curiosity is not pleasing in a thrall mistress; a boy can be beaten for it

“She didn’t ask that,” Leyla snapped. “Leyla: are you curious yes or no - said as she played with her dagger-

River sighs miserably knowing he is dammed if he does and dammed if he doesn’t. "Yes mistress, I do want to know. But it is not my place to ask.”

Winter Doune grins "good boy. You learned well... well let me tell you anyway. We are Laura and Salt of the Di'Jan. This camp is one from another tribe we sometimes borrow... because they are so weak they can’t hope to fight us back if we decided to wipe them out"

Leyla looks to the boy tossing the dagger to the ground as she skims past his head into the dirt. “I simply asked for a yes or no not an explanation boy"

River: yes mistress," he says miserably.

Leyla leans down picking up her dagger and kisses his cheek “good boy now”

“Please mistress might I kneel?” River begs. “I will not give you trouble I swear it.”

Leyla looks to the boy and leans down cutting his leg ropes free but not his hands and leaves the leash attached to his neck. “You attempt to run and you will regret it boy”

Steel Cord Bindings whispers: Salomi Nexen is attempting to free the captive from their bindings.

“I will not mistress I promise,” River assured her.

Steel Cord Bindings whispers: River Airy has been released from their bindings.

Leyla helps the boy to his knees

“Thank you mistress,” River says subserviently, keeping his head low.

[2011/05/13 03:20]  Leyla nods to the boy

“A boy is grateful for your kindness,” River mutters the ritual words but hates that he does.

Leyla places her dagger in my teeth as she steps forward and looks over the marks on his chest placing some slave on them as well not wanting to mar him

River keeps his eyes on the ground showing respect to the free, and bites his lip as the mistress treats his wounds

Leyla takes the dagger from her lips and twirls it a bit. "There, those marks should heal in a day all you need is a bath.”

“Yes mistress,” River utters. He looks up with wide innocent eyes. “What will happen to me mistress?”

“I have yet to decide,” Leyla answers absently.

River hangs his head sadly; missing his master already “I will obey mistress.”

 Leyla looks up at her sister winter who just then returned from checking on a slave. “Welcome back sister.  Just making sure the boy wasn’t hurt.”

River looks down miserably and whispers "welcome back mistress," his slave training refusing to let him be anything but subservient, as he knows if he does get returned to his master and the mistresses give a bad report of him he will be whipped violently for showing his master up; Not that he won’t be whipped anyway by his master for being duped in the first place

“And how is he then?” Winter asks not really caring.

Leyla looks at the boy. “He is just fine I’m debating sending him home with a lovely marking the branding iron is still hot from earlier and I never did get to use it

River whimpers remembering the brand that he was given just weeks before, he lowers his head and chews on his lip in worry.

“Mmmm not sure.... we won’t get much out of him that way... or if he's damaged?”  Winter ponders.

Leyla laughs “true but it is nice to see them squirm sometimes”

“ Mmm I guess....still, he'll be worth more if not damaged...” Winter reasons.

Leyla nods agreeing “that he will”

River visibly sighs with relief

Leyla laughs at the boys sigh. Feeling her eyes sag with exhaustion she pulls the boy over to the rack and begins tying him to the logs. “Still going to tie him up till then.” She says.

River groans as he is bound to the logs

Leyla restrains his hands and ankles tightly making sure he cannot get loose

“Got him secured?” winter asks

Leyla nods. “Ok sister he isn’t going anywhere for now make sure you get good trade for him

River whimpers as his body is stretched between two posts

Winter Doune smiles at her sister.  “Sleep well Laura. I’ll try to see what I can get for him

Leyla walks up to the boy and runs her hand along his inner thigh as her finger tips brushed across his member knowing the touch would excite him as she leans in close scent and feel of the womanly body near him as she licked his nose " now behave for my sister "

“Yes mistress,” River mumbles trying to ignore the intimate way he was being caressed. “Sleep well mistress,” he says softly lowering his head.

Leyla nods to my sister and then to the boy “I shall find my furs now blessed paths sister"

“Rest well. When you return we'll have silks,” Winter Doune promises.

River groans as the pain begins to build in his arms that are supporting his whole body weight

Winter Doune looks at the boy "will you be good while I see for a trade?"

“Yes mistress,” river promises. “I am well trained and I know how to behave for frees be them my master or others

“Good” Winter says. “Don’t forget that, else the branding iron isn’t far. So try anything funny and you'll have a good scar to add to the story. Winter Doune turns around and starts to head back towards the docks as she speaks.

Winter Doune gets a piece of paper and charcoal from the boat captain and starts to write a message and hands it to the captain afterwards, with a coin "here, deliver this to Kalana Fjord, to the trading post's owner"

River lowers his head, "yes mistress." He lifts his head as the mistress walks away and then begins to pull at his bindings hoping to get free. Tugging and pulling till he hangs helplessly in his bonds, exhausted by struggling. His heart is heavy in his chest wondering if he will ever see his master and brother again. He looks around the empty camp and whimpers, genuinely frightened now cus he is all alone. He feels his eyes getting heavy as he hangs helplessly, his head slumps forward and then things start to fade to black.

Meanwhile in Kalana Fjord

[03:35] Franziskus Ninetails wakes up late that day. After the week was full of work, his body must have been tired. He wonders that none of his boys is around as usual to dress him, so a bit swearing and growling - as usual in a bad mood before his second cup of black wine - he dresses himself
[03:39]  Franziskus Ninetails as he paces down to the first floor growls even more as he finds the main doors wide open. "What's up with the boys today?” he grumbles and tries to slam the doors shut. He was already about to turn around... stops... looks... 'Why didn't the lock fall in place?’ he wonders to himself. He squats down to take a closer look and recognizes the locks picked
[03:44] Franziskus Ninetails suddenly alerted turns to get a repair-tool from his office. But alarmed by the broken door he turns to the weapons-rack first and grabs his bow and a blade. His eyes wandering over the numberless weapons. "Hmmmmm.... ", he mumbles as he counts the bows. Not sure if one is missing or if maybe one of his boys has gone for a hunt, he shrugs it off. He closes the rack and turns again towards the office, shouting through the house for his boys "RIVER!? ENDY!? MAMBA!?", but no answer at all
[03:47]  Franziskus Ninetails the next 30 ehn is busy repairing the main door and - finding to his surprise other doors lock picked too - all the other doors he finds open. He wonders who was in the house, highly alerted and worried about the slaves.
[03:49] Franziskus Ninetails swears even more as he finds the inner gate open. He pulls the lever to close the fall-gate
[04:13] Franziskus Ninetails another 30 ehn is busy checking the goods in the storage hall. For a short moment he smiles as he's going through the lists, proud that his barbarian boy is so thorough with the lists. It doesn't take him too long to find out some lesser goods stolen. Relieved he recognizes his black wine beans untouched. With his marker he scratches here and there from the list, mumbling "Hmmmm.... silks... 1... 2....3..... 27.... Hmmm.... one is missing”. Scratches one from the list, shrugging as the silks are only dusting, because nobody needs silks here in the north. He scribbles a side note on the list 'SELL SILKS IN SOUTH!" and continues his stocktaking
[04:20]  Franziskus Ninetails finally finished with the stocktaking and realizing that except a bolster of silk nothing more worthy was stolen, only minor goods, returns to search for his boys. Passing the sleen-cage he kicks the box and swears at the beast, not admitting that it is his own fault as he had locked the sleen in over night
[04:21] Franziskus Ninetails: "We will get a new Fluffy!” he hisses
[04:22] Franziskus Ninetails walks over the docks and through the village, waking everybody up as he shouts "RIIIIVEEEEEEEER!? EEEEEENDDDDYYYYYY?!?" on the search for his boys
[04:25] Franziskus Ninetails walks the docks. Only few seamen already awake at this time, but finally he finds one of his captains. With his missing boys, the break-in and especially without his two cups of black wine in a bad mood he hisses at the captain "Have you seen my boys, man?” The captain rubbing his eyes and shakes his head, but mumbles something about a foreign ship being there a few hours ago.
[04:28]  Franziskus Ninetails after a short interrogation about more details but without any results, is just about to turn around and continue his search even more angry as he recognizes a small boat entering the harbour. He tries to figure out the banner of the ship, but it's unknown to him. Curious he stands and waits for the boat to come closer
[04:31]  Franziskus Ninetails as the boat anchored and he greeted the seaman ((captain... but I suppose a big ship wouldn't extra take the long way just for bringing a message)) and introduced himself as merchant and harbourmaster of Kalana Fjord, frowns, getting handed a small note from the man. He reads and looks up to the sailor, considering for a moment to let him put in chains and take him instead as slave

The note
Winter Doune: the message reads "I hold your boy, he mentioned you have fine silks and the price for his safe return will be a roll of your finest. Leave the answer to the ship's captain for a meeting place. If no reply is sent I shall get a good price off him elsewhere."

Back in Kalana Fjord

[04:34]  Krystyn Silverpath: smiles as she finally steps off the boat and nods to the stranger on the docks "Tal Sir.. It is a lovely day indeed especially getting back to land again" taking a deep breath she would look around at the strange place noting the area as she had been curious about this land.
[04:36] Franziskus Ninetails from negotiating with the captain looks over to another boat arriving and a woman leaving the ship. He nods for a moment to her before he returns his attention back to the sailor, asking with a grumbled voice "Am I supposed to bring it? Or will you bring my slave here? I shouldn't trust.... " - hisses the word -- "THIEVES! So I better deliver it myself. Well, tell them they can get it, if my slave returns well, safe and in one piece!"
Franziskus Ninetails after he released the sailor with the note to whoever, walks back to his house and the storage hall to get a bolster ready for it. Swearing as his boy today cost him a lot of coins
Franziskus Ninetails back in his house passing through his office, then the kitchen, frowns as he recognizes the barrel with candy half empty. "Those slaves eat way too much candy!"  he growls

The reply.

Winter Doune yawns and was about to fall asleep, as she noticed a sail in the distance, watching it grow slowly, very slowly, extremely slowly... until she can see it was the captain from the small fishing boat she had sent out to deliver the message, and waves for him. seeing none other with him , and calls out once he's close enough "Well? got a reply?"
Winter Doune listen to how the extremely well pleased and patient harbourmaster read the note and replied to it, and can’t help a little smile "well well. do you think you can sail back there and tell him we'll meet at Sardar? Or shall i call for another fisherman?" with this the old sailor answers by pulling out his hand, awaiting another coin, and she reach in her pouch to drop the needed circle of metal "here you are. But try to hurry"

Kalana Fjord

[04:42]  Franziskus Ninetails after he released the sailor with the note to whoever, walks back to his house and the storage hall to get a bolster ready for it. Swearing as his boy today cost him a lot of coins
[04:45]  Franziskus Ninetails back in his house passing through his office, then the kitchen, frowns as he recognizes the barrel with candy half empty. "Those slaves eat way too much candy!"  he growls
[04:58] Franziskus Ninetails in the storage hall looks around the silks. First he considers taking the bolster with the ugliest one, but then he couldn't help it and chooses the finest one with golden threats weaved into it. Nobody should say the harbourmaster of Kalana Fjord is a man of bad taste! He shoulders the bolster and carries it out to the little dock before the storage hall, waiting for the old fisherman to return
[05:01] Franziskus Ninetails as the man returns and tells him the message nods. He reaches into his pouch and tosses him a copper tarsk, then points at the bolster "Take that on the boat and bring me there!", he commands. Then shouts over to his captain on the ship "I'M ON MY WAY TO SADAR TO GET MY SLAVE BACK! HAVE AN EYE ON THE DOCKS, MAN!"

Back at the panther encampment

River slowly opens his eyes, unsure how long he had been unconscious. He groans as his body aches from being hung for so long. Then his heart lightens seeing the mistress return.


Winter Doune grins as she returns to the boy “I got good and bad news for you. I’ve got a buyer and you're leaving this camp. Guess whichever is good or bad"

River: whimpers sadly. He looks at the mistress’s feet and whispers. "As it pleases mistress"

Winter Doune gets the bag off her back and pulls her bow out then empties the bag from its little content and gets a gag ready, then turns to the boy. She gets her bow back on its place on her back then puts the gag on the boy's mouth, making sure it’s tight, and then pulls the bag over his head. "stay here while I go change"

River looks at the gag and then obediently opens his mouth, giving a small whimper as he is hooded.

Winter Doune leaves the boy and starts to head towards one of the huts, removing the dress from herself and readjusting her panther furs that where underneath. She gets the strong steel lined rope ready again and unbinds the boy from the rack, first one hand then looping the rope around it, and pulling it behind his back, freeing the second, and fasten it with the rope, once his hands are bound she repeats with the feet, but not binding those so he could walk, and use the extra rope length as a leash. Pulling him behind her Winter Doune opens up the fence and hurries past. Not wanting to miss the next boat. Winter Doune gets to a boat and looks at the sailor aboard "Sardar. Fast"

River whimpers as he is pulled from the boat not knowing where he is or who his is being sold to

Franziskus Ninetails after the short passage as the fisherman ties the boat to the river-docks of Sardar jumps from the filthy boat and commands the man to wait and to hand him bolster of silk. He recognizes the outer layer dirty from the boat, but shrugs. After a short while he sees another boat arriving, a smile crossing his lips as he recognizes the body of his slave under the hood

Winter Doune sigh about the bad weather at sea a she steps off the boat with a hooded boy on a leash and looks at the small group there "Tal" and eyes the men more closely, until she spots one with a roll of silks "you must be the harbourmaster. Am I right?"

Franziskus Ninetails nods to the woman that arrived and greeted him "Tal. Yes, I'm Franziskus of Tidra, merchant and harbourmaster of Kalana Fjord." Franziskus Ninetails looks over to the other two and nods shortly

River straightens up as he hears his master's voice and almost whimpers in relief

Franziskus Ninetails kicks the bolster with silk "Here's the silk you wanted" Franziskus Ninetails with his boots kicked the silks closer to the woman, but his eyes on his slave, searching the body for wounds

Winter Doune: I see you've brought the silks. And as you can see I’ve got the boy right here"
She smiles as she stops the silk rolling with her foot, and let’s go of the boy's leash "he’s all yours" then carefully bends down to pick up the roll, while not losing the man from her line of sight.  Winter Doune smiles "pleasure doing business with you" as she finally picks up the silks, and starts to head back towards the boat

River tries hard to see through his hood

Franziskus Ninetails reaches for the leash the woman left him and yanks roughly pulling his slave close to him, while she picks up the silks

River recognises the scent of his master even through the sacking and presses close to him, shaking slightly.

Franziskus Ninetails as he pulled his slave closer hooks his finger into the collar and shakes him like a puppy. "Wait till we are home!” he growls threatening to his thrall

Winter Doune smiles as she puts the roll on a small boat, making the ship sway from side to side one might think it's going to sink, then jumps on as it calms down and shakes the sailor awake "wake up! Time to go back to lake las!"

River whimpers at his master's displeasure

Winter Doune smiles and waves as she sails off, sitting on the bolster of silks with a grin going from one ear to the next "I hope we'll do more business. This was good"

Franziskus Ninetails drags his slave at the collar to the little sailboat, tossing the fisherman another copper to return them to their docks, mumbling something that sounds like "taxissoexpensive"... As they finally arrive back at Kalana Fjord, yanks his slave at the leash off the boat. He doesn't bother to take the hood off his head, just yanks his blinded thrall over the planks of the docks
Franziskus orders River to follow them.  River obediently falls into place behind Franziskus.
Franziskus kicks the sleens back as they seem to have come up from the basement, biting at his slave's calves

River kneels as he feels the wooden floor beneath his feet and the sleen being pulled away by his master. He trembles not knowing what mood his master will have. It really hadn’t been his fault that he was taken.

Franziskus Ninetails stares down at his hooded boy for some endless ehn. "You cost me a bolster of silk, mine! Not to mention the coppers I had to pay that sailor! I really consider chaining you to the docks and letting you suck cocks for a copper-bit until I have my money back!!!”  He growls”

River mumbles in to his gag, "mm sovy mu mafter.”

"That will be a lot of cocks from sweaty sailors you'll have to suck, mine!" the merchant growled.

River whimpers sadly and hangs his head in shame

"And who ate all the candy?" Franziskus demanded to know.

Not able to speak river shakes his head showing it wasn’t him

Franziskus Ninetails grabs the collar again and shakes his slave "And look at you! How dirty you are!!!" He grabs his boy and pulls him out to the water-pump

River whimpers again as his master takes his anger out on him. It wasn’t his fault he was dragged through the dirt. He whimpers  again softly into his gag as his master pushes him under the water and begins to scrub him

Franziskus Ninetails forces his boy under the stream of the cold water. He takes a rough brush from the ground, normally used by the slaves to clean the clothes. He starts to rub his boy clean with the brush, his other hand slapping again and again on his already sore butt

River whimpers are muffled by the hood and the gag, his skin stinging from the rough brush, each slap oh his buttocks makes him whimper even more

Franziskus Ninetails as his boy's skin is clean - and red from the brush - finally reaches for the lock at the hood. Fortunately the panther left the key in it, so he turns it and tears the hood from his slave's head
[2011/05/13 06:41]  Gorean Gag - Male: Franziskus Ninetails grips River Airy's chin and adjusts his gag straps.
[2011/05/13 06:42]  Strict Slave Hood [nose] whispers: Franziskus Ninetails pulls the hood over River Airy's head

Franziskus Ninetails unties the gag in his boy's mouth "You don't deserve that I take that off, but how else would you serve the sailors at the docks then?” he growls.  Franziskus Ninetails grabs the collar again and turns his slave around, bending his back over his knees to also clean his slave's chest. He doesn't care that his own clothes are getting wet

River moves his mouth back and forth free at last of the gag and he bites his lip and takes the wrath of his master

 Franziskus Ninetails starts to brush his boy's chest as well with the rough brush, his other hand reaching for his privates, cleaning them at the same time, then squeezing the balls in a tight grip to hold his slave in place as he shivers in the cold water and tempted to struggle
Xcite! X4 Genitals: **Touched by Franziskus Ninetails
With gentle but firm force, Franziskus Ninetails grabs River's cock and demands his attention.
He finally nods "There now! Fresh and clean!"

“Yes my master,” River mumbles, his head down and his eyes filled with tears from the brutal scrubbing.

Franziskus Ninetails releases his boy from his grip and allows him to kneel

“Thank you my master,” River mutters subserviently. He chews on his bottom lip then whispers. "May I speak my master?"

Franziskus Ninetails growls a "Yes"

“I was taken by surprise my master, I just woke and they were in the warehouse. They showed concern that the doors were open and suggested that I checked the lock,” he said then continued when his master didn’t speak. When I did one pulled a knife to me and bound me. I am sorry my master

Franziskus Ninetails frowns even more "You find people in the warehouse and don't get suspicious at all?"

“They were dressed as fine free women with veils,” River said trying to justify why he hadn’t recognised the threat.

"Next time take a bat and beat them unconscious. Ask later!" Franziskus growls.

“They said they were passing by,” River almost wailed. “I am sorry my master.” He hangs his head in shame.

"Well, at least they didn't take too much. I wonder what panthers are doing with silks though". He scratches his head. "I got the bolsters cheap from a captain who didn't want to take it back to the south as he didn't get rid of it here in the north. But well....."Franziskus looks at his boy. "How do you think you're going to repay for the loss, mine? Maybe I should sell you? I bet the one or other woman on the slave market of Ar would pay a nice price for a male pleasure slave"

 River smothers a shocked cry, and hangs his head lower. "If it pleases my master" he says in utter sadness and terror. “Please my master give me a chance,” he pleads. “Don’t sell me please.”

Franziskus Ninetails steps closer between his slave's opened thighs, his boots teasing the privates. He reaches down and lifts his boy's chin with his fingers to look down into his face. His own face serious, but his eyes sparkling a bit with humour

[2011/05/13 06:59]  Xcite! X4 Genitals: **Touched by Franziskus Ninetails
[2011/05/13 06:59]  Franziskus Ninetails stands between River's spread thighs, the leather of his boots brushing over the slave's privates

"Awwww..... wouldn't you like that, my lil sunshine?”  Franziskus teases. “No more hard chores day by day! Instead hanging around in nice silks, ready to please the needs of a Free Woman? She'll feed you with candy and grapes all day long! Wouldn't you like that?"

“No my master,” river weeps almost distraught now. “I love you my master,” he whispers.

Franziskus Ninetails can't hide it any longer and grins widely. Releasing his slave's chin he reaches up to ruffle the wet hair
Rivers new golden hair xcite: **Your Rivers new golden hair xcite is being touched by Franziskus Ninetails
Rivers new golden hair xcite whispers: Franziskus Ninetails reaches a hand out and ruffles his hair.

River almost cries again in relief as he realises that his master was toying with him

Franziskus Ninetails: Now go and dry yourself, then get me a cup of black wine, my lil sunshine! After all I'm glad you're back healthy: But next time pay more attention!

“I promise my master,” River blurts out grateful that his master is not going to sell him after all.

“And remind me, that I order stronger locks!” Franziskus shouts after his property.

River hurries inside to dry himself and make the black wine for his master. He puts a pan on to heat and he grabs a cloth from the side and wipes himself dry.  As the water comes to boil he uses a cloth to hold the pot while he pours it in to the black wine beans. As soon as the wine is brewed river picks up the tray and carries it back to his master. River places the tray on the table then kneels waiting to serve his owner” your wine my master,” he says in a low voice.

Franziskus Ninetails puts his weapons back into the rack while his boy is preparing the black wine. "Hmmm, did one of you take a bow, my lil sunshine?” he asks as he remembers the missing old bow. "And where is your brother? I hope he at least is safe!"

“I have not seen him my master,” River answers. And no I took no bow, not without permission. I would never take anything without permission," he adds remembering that his master thought he had eaten the candy.  “I would not dare.”

Franziskus Ninetails absent minded reaches for the cup of black wine his boy offers him. "Hmm, I'll take it to my office. Got work to do. And I guess you missed a lot of your chores as you preferred just... hanging around instead, mine!"

River sighs sadly at his master's joke. “Would you like me to bring the tray my master?

Franziskus Ninetails nods "Aye, my lil sunshine", and ruffles his boy's hair with his free hand as he passes by towards his office

Rivers new golden hair xcite: **Your Rivers new golden hair xcite is being touched by Franziskus Ninetails
Rivers new golden hair xcite whispers: Franziskus Ninetails reaches a hand out and ruffles his hair.

River looks sadly at the half empty barrel of candy knowing that they will be banned from it from now on, and then carrying the tray follows his master into the office.

Franziskus Ninetails looks up from his papers as his boy enters the office with the tray. With a look at the red bottom he says smiling "Don't forget to clean it up later, my lil sunshine." Then he dismisses his boy with a wave of his hand and a smile.

“I won’t my master,” river answers remembering the last time he forgot a tray. His hand absently rubbed his bottom as he did.

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