Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Gone Shopping - Nice outfits that won't break the linden bank.

I went shopping the other day and found some rather nice stuff. Thought I would show you all. The Gothicatz outfit is the only one that cost over 200L$ 

Guido - Electric Feel 70L$

Gothicatz have branched out into mesh. Not too much choice at the moment but i thought this was rather nice. 

The first of my outfits from Electric Feel. Not bad for 70L$. This is called Nial

Electric Feel again, 70L$ - Nial in red

Electric Feel - Again 70L$ - Rexx

Scentyn by Electric Feel - variation on a style.

it was hard to take a photo in this outfit as i didnt have a decent pose .. it is nicer than it looks in the photo. 

Team GB all the Way, Nice training outfit for 148L$

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