Friday, 23 September 2016

I really should start to post again

Another of those posts that says, Gosh, where has the time gone?

I really should make the effort to post ..

Here is a catch up for you.

My Master and Chain brother are no longer in Gor. We are all still together though. After The Village of Sarona was regretfully closed, the three of us managed to re-rent the sim called Singer. (we saw the fact that our old sim was availible to rent again as a sign that we were meant to give up on Sarona when we did)

As usual, My Master did an amazing job of building it. Jimmy Bloch came along with us and has a farm on one quarter of the sim. (maybe not a quarter but you know what i mean.) We welcome people to come and look around so if you want to you are welcome.
My Master and I have our shops up in the sky also.

I have gone cat crazy, in real life as well as in SL.
Endy is still confusing
My Master is still my world
Jimmy is still having a strange relationship with his verr
and Life is generally good  (in SL)

Now if we can just sort out our Real Lives everything would be amazing.

I will try to keep posting. Till next time

Keep Dancing . River

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