Wednesday, 23 May 2012

River's Manor House

I can't believe it's finished at last!!

My Manor House is finally finished and on Marketplace . It has turned out to be a really lovely build.
Made in co-operation with Panthera Tigris (my master) .

That Riverairy Touch in Association and Co-operation with Panthera Tigris presents

River’s Manor House

The Manor is packed in a Rezbox for your convenience and is linked in two parts, the Garden and internal stairs (phantom) and the Manor (solid). It has a foot print of 35 x30 when standing in the garden and 25x15 when rezzed alone. Both house and Garden are Modify and Copy, they are NO TRANSFER. The house is 177 prims and the Garden is 67 prims.  WARNING -If you decide to remove the garden you must unlink it and delete it bit by bit, the internal stairs ARE Linked to the Garden as are the wooden pillars in the main room and the wooden trim in the arched window.

Modelled on an English Manor House, this house boasts custom built sculpted windows eliminating the Alpha issues that you normally get in Secondlife. The arched window has stained glass in the curve and a nice window seat with two separate sits, one in the cushions and one in the bench. There are four nice sized rooms and one hall with a stairwell that gives access to the rear exit. The stairs and banisters are custom made by River Airy and are linked to the garden. These cover three floors, leading up to the attic.  The attic/studio is 25 x 12 and is on the top floor and sports two very nice custom made picture windows. There are two entrances to the house. The Main Front Entrance, that leads into one of the main downstairs rooms and the Central Rear Exit that leads into the stairwell. Both of these are Kool doors, (see included instructions) as are all the internal doors.

In bedroom one there is a custom built fire, this is linked to the house but can be unlinked if not needed, remember though, the chimney stack from this fire is what provides the smoking chimney on the roof. The smoke can be turned on and off by clicking the invisible prim in the top of the chimney stack.

The outside of the house has nice apexes over the upstairs windows and has two porches, one front and one back. The front of the house has a box window with stained glass arched window. The brick walls are decorated with ivy, and roses grow around the doors and arched window. The roses contain a menu with a selection of different colour roses for your personal choice.

At the rear of the garden there is a nice stone bench with small cushion that has two sitting poses in it. It looks over the garden and the bird bath where two little birds sit and sing softly while butterflies flit around them. Also in the rear garden is a picnic rug with two cushions and three poses. (Static)

The plants themselves are sculpted and provide a rich surrounding of colour. Four large trees dominate the corners of the garden providing a lush frame for the rest of the plants. Two pretty willow trees complete the look. In the front garden of the house there is a bird table with visiting blue birds with red breasts.

A caste iron fence surrounds the garden and two custom made stone paths lead to the front and rear doors. The gates are lit by two nice street lamps that can be clicked on and off. (owner only)

As a special gift I am including in the main box my Texture Changing Rug. This is copy and modify so you may resize it to suit.

This house is a lovely build and if in doubt you can view it In-world at Panthera Tigris, the landmark is included in the box.
 It is an English Manor built by an Englishman and set in a lovely English country garden.

I hope you love it as much as I do.

River Airy.

All sculpts are custom made by River Airy in association with Panthera Tigris

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