Saturday, 19 May 2012

Master's new toy pt 3

Master's lil Sunshine: “I made a bench, my master. But I have to change the sits a bit”
Franziskus Ninetails: “Yes, I see, my lil sunshine.” Franziskus Ninetails checks the bench with his hands before he sits down "Hmmmm.... let’s see, if it's good for your morning-spanking!"
Master's lil Sunshine bites his lip and groans.
Franziskus Ninetails pulls his boy over his lap. The bare bottom... still red and sore... exposed to his view and hand. He rubs it.
Master's lil Sunshine bites his lip as he waits for the familiar sting of his master's hand.
Franziskus Ninetails: “mmmmmmm..... I like your bottom that way, mine.” Franziskus Ninetails's cock under his shorts grows in anticipation. He moves his slave a bit... adjusts his body... then reaches through his boy's spread legs....
Master's lil Sunshine: “Oh. Oh”
Franziskus Ninetails ..... Grabbing cock and balls of his slave.... and adjusts them that his boy's cock is right over his own package
Master's lil Sunshine pants as his master gropes his genitals
Franziskus Ninetails: “Can you feel my excitement through the pants, mine?”
Master's lil Sunshine wriggles on his master's lap. "Yes, my master.”
Franziskus Ninetails: “I want you to rub your cock against that package. Feel your Master's cock through the fabrics”

Master's lil Sunshine whispers, "Yes, my master." Master's lil Sunshine moves his body, rubbing his boy parts onto his master's hard package.
Franziskus Ninetails: and rub your cock and balls against it.... feel the hard shaft through the fabrics.... grind it and bring me pleasure as good as you can!
Master's lil Sunshine: “feels so good, my master.” Master's lil Sunshine rubs his body hard against his master's package
Franziskus Ninetails nods and groans as he feels his slave rubbing his boy bits against his package. He enjoys it for a moment.... the feeling... and the sight of his boy's firm bottom wiggling as he rubs... Then he places his left hand in his slave's neck....
Master's lil Sunshine: his arse moving from side to side as tries hard
Franziskus Ninetails ... the palm right over the collar... holding his boy down. “Are you ready for your morning-spanking, mine?”
Master's lil Sunshine grinds slowly, applying the right pressure to his master's crotch. Master's lil Sunshine nods, knowing that he is not going to get away with it. Then realises his master expects him to speak. "Yes, my master," he says softly. "Please, my master, give your slut his morning spanking."
Franziskus Ninetails nods... the grip in his boy's neck tightens a bit... holding his boy in place... His other hand stops rubbing... lifts.... just to slap down the next moment
Master's lil Sunshine hisses as the sting flows though his body but it’s a bearable pain.
Franziskus Ninetails rubs again... "A little warm-up first"... then lifts his hand again
Master's lil Sunshine closes his eyes tightly ... then opens them again right away
Franziskus Ninetails rubs once more... then starts to slap his boy's butt in regular swats.... not too hard, but adding some nice red to the already coloured buttocks.
Master's lil Sunshine: he takes a breath waiting for the next slap
Franziskus Ninetails groans and tenses his belly muscles... lifting his hips only a bit, but enough to grind harder against his boy's meat. “Don’t... forget... to... rub!”
Master's lil Sunshine winces with each slap, his cheeks beginging to burn . He starts to wriggle more, too afraid to put his hands over his unprotected buttocks
Franziskus Ninetails: “please... my... package... with... your... boybits! ... Rub... your... meat... against... my... package... my slutboy!
Master's lil Sunshine moves his hips rubbing his boy parts hard to his master's cock, hoping that he will stop slapping him soon
Franziskus Ninetails's hand slaps now harder with each stinging blow, encouraging his slave to rub harder
Master's lil Sunshine: he squirms even harder
Master's lil Sunshine: oww... owww, please... my... master... please... stop... my master
Franziskus Ninetails groans excited.... his cock throbbing under the fabrics
Master's lil Sunshine can't help it and reaches behind him, then whimpers as he realises what he did and puts his hands back down.
Franziskus Ninetails stops as his boy lifts his arms to protect his buttocks "what are you trying to tell me, mine? You want something in there?"
Master's lil Sunshine whimpers
Franziskus Ninetails grins naughtily and reaches under his boy's body to one of his pockets "I have already thought of that!" - and pulls out a small butt-plug
Master's lil Sunshine: ohhh

Franziskus Ninetails holds the plug to his slave's face, so he can see it. “Open your mouth!”
Master's lil Sunshine opens his mouth obediently, he trembles as he does.
Franziskus Ninetails's right hand fondles with his boy's red, hot butt.... teasing him with fingers sliding down the butt crack.... His other hand thrusts the plug between his slave's lip "Suck on it!"
Franziskus Ninetails: “MAKE IT WET FOR YOUR BOYCUNT!”
Master's lil Sunshine sucks on the plastic, making it as wet as he can, he groans as he hears his master's words and rolls his tongue over it, making more saliva in his mouth, coating it as much as he can
Franziskus Ninetails mouth fucks his slave a while with the plug.... until his boy's saliva soaked the whole thing... dripping from the plug over his hands. “That's enough.” Franziskus Ninetails changes the plug to his other hand.... He points the tip to his boy's fuck hole.... and pushs it in.... stretching his slave's ringmuscle
Master's lil Sunshine releases the plug and squeezes his eyes shut, making a small noise as his master pushes it into his fuck hole
Franziskus Ninetails pushes the decorative plug into River's anus.
Master's lil Sunshine groans, his cock crushed to his master's lap.
Franziskus Ninetails .... deeper and deeper the plug slides... until the thick part passed the sphincter. He  turns and wiggles the plug a bit until he's content with the position
Master's lil Sunshine whimpers softly, feeling his fuck hole played with.
Franziskus Ninetails reaches under his slave's body again and by pulling left... and right... and left.... he pull down his shorts. His hard cock jumping out and pokes against his boy. Franziskus Ninetails's strong hands manoeuvres his boy's body right over him again. "Here! You can please your Master's cock now directly!"
Master's lil Sunshine moans again as his boy bits are now rubbing over his master's naked cock, he feels the size of it and the heat that seeps up into his own
Franziskus Ninetails: Let me feel your boy bits on my hard meat, my slutboy!
Master's lil Sunshine: he begins once more to rub, soft pants of excitement slipping from between his lips
Franziskus Ninetails places his left hand back in his boy's neck, holding him down, His right hand rubbing once more over the red buttocks before he lifts it. “And if you dare to try to protect your butt again, we will take the LARGE PLUG, is that clear, my slutboy???
Master's lil Sunshine: “yes, my master. owwww. ”
Franziskus Ninetails starts to slap the red arse again... harder... and faster this time. “now rub!”
Franziskus Ninetails: “i... will... spank... you...  until... you... cum... over... my... cock... and... balls.”
Master's lil Sunshine can't hold still, his package rubs harder and harder on his master's lap. His cheeks are on fire. He whimpers as his master tells him how long he will be spanked and he tries to focus on his boy bits but each slap distracts him more. He clenches his fists, anything to stop himself from protecting his poor arse
Franziskus Ninetails's hand again and again swats down on his slave's round buttocks... thrusting the plug into his boy cunt with every swat
Master's lil Sunshine feels his eyes watering and he blinks it away, frightened that it will make his master angry. He grinds more and more.
Franziskus Ninetails: “can't feel you hard enough!”
Master's lil Sunshine: his boy meat hard on his master's
Franziskus Ninetails slaps the butt even harder
Master's lil Sunshine: he rubs back and forth
Franziskus Ninetails: “GRIND!”
[02:25]  Master's lil Sunshine: grinding. “ow... ow... his arse is on fire now, hurting more than it ever did before.
Franziskus Ninetails: “RUB... YOUR.... SLUTTY... BOY... BITS... AT... YOUR... MASTER!... PLEASE... HIM... MINE!”
  Master's lil Sunshine lifts his head looking at his master with pleading eyes, he moves closer to cumming, his boy bits feeling as sore as his arse
Franziskus Ninetails: WILL... YOU... BE... A... GOOD... BOY... AND... CUM... FOR... YOUR... MASTER???
Master's lil Sunshine: he cries out suddenly as his cock jerks and he cums hard over his master's lap, his cheeks on his face burning as red as those of his arse
Franziskus Ninetails groans as he feels his boy cuming... the wetness soaking into his pubes... after a few more swats stops spanking his boy and rubs the red buttocks
Master's lil Sunshine wants to stop moving but doesn't dare. His poor arse is throbbing.
Franziskus Ninetails: “yesssss, my good boy.”
Master's lil Sunshine: a soft sob slips from his lips
Franziskus Ninetails: “let it all out!”
Master's lil Sunshine cries silent tears, every now and then when he thinks his master isn't looking he wipes the tears. Master's lil Sunshine keeps rubbing, not knowing if he needs to make his master cum too... his boy bits are raw from rubbing on his master's pubes and he feels his master's meat, still thick beneath his hips.

Franziskus Ninetails after rubbing a bit reaches for the end of the plug and turns it a bit, then holding the end between his fingers he commands his boy "Shout as loud as you can 'Thank you, my Master'!"
Master's lil Sunshine takes a breath and shouts, “THANK YOU, MY MASTER.”
Franziskus Ninetails the same moment his boy shouts pulls the plug out of his boy's fuck hole. Franziskus Ninetails slowly removes jewelled plug from inside River's anus.
Master's lil Sunshine voice rises even higher as the plug is pulled out.
Franziskus Ninetails tosses the plug aside then slides an arm under his boy's body and easily lifts him up to sit on his lap.
Master's lil Sunshine cries out as his tenderised arse is now resting completely on his master's lap.
Franziskus Ninetails holds his boy tight in his arms and kisses the tears from his cheeks and whispers a soothing "shhhhhhhhhhhh"
Master's lil Sunshine trembles in his master's arms. His buttocks throb and burn and he wants to lift up and take off the pressure but knows he can’t.
Franziskus Ninetails's hands slide soothingly over his boy's back; his lips kissing the soft spot between his slave's collar and ear. “You know, that boys need a regular spanking to be kept in line", he speaks softly to his trembling boy.
Master's lil Sunshine nods, "yes, my master," he replies, "thank you, my master for taking the time to teach your slut that." Master's lil Sunshine shivers more violently as he hears that this will be a regular thing. He wonders if it will hurt less and less as he gets used to it or it just means that his master will graduate from his hand to a paddle
Franziskus Ninetails with his arms still wrapped around his boy turns his head. He places his lips on his slave's lips... forcing his mouth open with his tongue.... ... slowly first... but then more demanding... claiming his slave's mouth
Master's lil Sunshine purrs softly into his master's mouth as it is claimed
Franziskus Ninetails's cock still hard resting between his slave's buttocks... He feels the heat on his slave's ass.... his boy's cum starts drying on his cock and balls
Master's lil Sunshine moves his sore arse, trying to relieve the pain he is feeling inadvertently grinding on his master's lap
Franziskus Ninetails groans "We... are not... finished yet... mine!", he moans under his breath. He thrusts his hip up a bit... grinding his hard cock against his boy's crack "You didn't mean to leave your Master like this, did you?"
Master's lil Sunshine nods his understanding and whispers into his master's ear "please, my master, put your meat inside your slut boy's boy cunt"
Franziskus Ninetails nods and groans.... his strong hand manoeuvring his boy's body easily.. putting his slave's boy cunt in the right direction... the tip of his hard cock aiming at the opening. “I'M SO HOT FOR YOUR BOYCUNT!”
Master's lil Sunshine grits his teeth against the pain in his arse, but moves it against his master all the same, wanting to pleasure his master. “Your slut wants you inside him, my master.”
Franziskus Ninetails breathes excited the words as he lets his boy down on his cock... impaling him inch by inch
Master's lil Sunshine: “Please, my master, please stretch my boy cunt wide open.”
Franziskus Ninetails: “Yessssssssssss!”
Master's lil Sunshine groans as he feels his master's cock, pressing gently against his boy cunt.”
Franziskus Ninetails grunts as he impales his slave deeper and deeper... already so close to the edge just from the anticipation.... now feeling his slave's tightness and hearing his words.
Master's lil Sunshine groans and he moves his hips, encouraging his master to press harder and sink inside of him. His warm lips are against his master's ear. His breath tickling his skin, his soft whimpers and moans of pleasure seeping into his master's head. "Fuck your slut, my master, show him you own him."
Franziskus Ninetails claims his boy's mouth once more as he thrusts his hips up.
Master's lil Sunshine: groans
Franziskus Ninetails's cock throbs and twitches in his slave's boy cunt... waited for this moment so long...
Master's lil Sunshine begins to pant,
Franziskus Ninetails needs only a few thrusts... then holds his breath in the kiss....
Master's lil Sunshine: his boy cunt throbbing around his master's cock
Franziskus thrusts his hard, throbbing cock deep into his slut's boy-cunt, groaning as the tight ass massages his manhood.
Master's lil Sunshine: squeezing on his master's meat.
Franziskus thrusts his hard, throbbing cock deep into his slut's boy-cunt, groaning as his boy’s tight ass massages his manhood.
River Airy begs and moans, begging his Master to fuck his slutty boy cunt! He whispers into his master's ear. “Fuck your slut, use his boy cunt. Make him yours”
Franziskus Ninetails groans "love you.... my... sunshine..." as he cums in his slave's fuck hole
River Airy begs and moans, begging his Master to fuck his slutty boy cunt!
Franziskus thrusts his hard, throbbing cock deep into his slut's boy-cunt, groaning as the tight ass massages his manhood. He shudders in the grip of an intense orgasm! Franziskus thrusts his hard, throbbing cock deep into his slut's boy-cunt, groaning as the tight ass massages his manhood.
Master's lil Sunshine clings to his master as he fills his body with his hot seed
Franziskus Ninetails holds still... his arms wrapped around his boy... other to usually pumping his seed with heavy thrusts into his boy this time he just holds his boy and enjoys the pleasure of his slut's ring muscle contracting around his cock and milking squirt after squirt out of it... each load leaving him breathless

Master's lil Sunshine buries his face into his master's neck. “Thank you my master for owning this slut,” he whispers. “This slut hopes that you never tire of him.”
Franziskus Ninetails smiles and kisses his boy again
Master's lil Sunshine: this slut loves his master
Franziskus Ninetails closes the distance to River and kisses him gently on the lips.
Master's lil Sunshine sinks into his master's lips, his painful arse forgotten for the moment
Franziskus Ninetails's cock finally gets flaccid and slides out of his boy's cock... followed by some seed dripping out of his boy...

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