Sunday, 6 May 2012

Colour changing Rug

I decided to sell a colour changing rug on Marketplace. I always look at some of the things that are offered and the prices that are charged and I think, mine are just as nice as those.

So today I made a menu driven colour changing rug, Here

Some of you might think, That is expensive! but think about it, 12 different textures in one prim. if you uploaded the textures yourself it would cost you L$120 so really this is a bargain (lol) Also I like to think I am catering for the poor Noobs and even older Av's, that want nice stuff but don't have the know how to make it themselves. (me, before I met my beloved master,)

anyway here it is.

Of course these are only a few samples of what I included . When I make stuff, I think, would I buy it and pay that price? if my answer is yes then good.

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