Saturday, 26 February 2011

what a nice day

Had a pretty nice day today. Started off by waking up in my beloved master's arms. That always makes me feel good. We hung out until he had to go to work, just talking, discussing. I find that we have the same feelings on a lot of things. 
What we were discussing today was this.

In the picks of slave it read that he had permisson if captured to attack his captors and escape by any means.
This is bullshit.
A slave is a slave, be them male or female. No slave would lift a hand against a free not even if captured. As Franzi pointed out, in one of the books a female slave was punished by her master when he was told she had been insoltent even though she was a captive.

The second half of the day was spent with Endy, my new chain brother. We had a long chat and shared a few things. Then after a short break we went looking at empty sims, just to see how much they were. Then we tp'd home again and did a bit of cuddling. Sigh i am such a lucky slave to be surrounded in such lovely people.

chain brother forever

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