Monday, 21 February 2011

what a mess .....

Panthers attacked Hrimgar last night and what a mess.

My master and I returned from a night of ooc dancing, (of which i will post in a bit) Pre warned we tp'd to Silvertree, right into the middle of the panthers, who in the mean time had moved from Hrimgar docks to Silvertree docks.. well My Master and I moved quickly across the boarder to Hrimgar and were met by Mistress Elinor and Master Mattaus. With me so far? Good.
So we all retreated to Hrimgar village where two panthers were being held already. Then the panthers tried to trade. My master Franziskus, The High Jarl Mattaus, and myself stood with bows on the hill keeping them in our sights. This was good until one of them insluted Elinor, well all bets were off, we ended up in another fight and took another panther.

So far so good right......

Ha turned up and decided to kill  one of the panthers, that is where it started to go up the wall. The dead panther resurected, didnt even bother tping out and doing it, and the two captured panthers tp'd out in the middle of roleplay.

Now the tribe is banned for now.

As a role play it was very disappointing, as a target practice it was a good exersise. Maybe we should start having some organised battles between silvertree and hrimgar so that both villages get practice and we can quell these invasions between us efficiantly.

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