Monday, 21 February 2011

My beloved Master on Gor and on Earth

Unlike most Gorean Slaves, I am My Master's property on and off of Gor. On Gor I am his devoted boy, working hard and keeping the furs warm, subserviant to all masters and mistresses. On earth, I am his total sub, his alone and no other may order me or control me.

Why am I telling you this? Well ....

On Saturday night I really couldnt face roleplay, I knew my master would be tired too so we went to our earth parcel and decided to roleplay our dom/sub game. I handed over complete control to my master with RLV and then sat back and enjoyed. My master chained me and leashed me naked and then tp'd me from one sim to another leading me around, exposed and vunerable. Unfortunately most of the sims we went to ended up being empty but i enjoyed every minute of it.
At the end of the night My Master took me to the dungeon that he has built for our roleplay and locked me naked, bound and gagged and unable to teleport in a cell. He did offer to release me but I said that i liked the idea of being unable to do anything until he returned. So he hugged me goodnight and left me there.

  So I spent all day locked in a cell, totally helpless and hard as a rock. When I got to go back on sunday night (i did sign in on and off all day, groan a bit and then log off again .. giggles. (dont get me wrong i loved this) My master was already at Tabor OOC dance. He tp'd me right from my cell, still gagged, naked, chained. He leashed me imedietly and then dragged me to the middle of the dancefloor to display his property for all to see. Needless to say i relished in the humiliation of being the only naked person there.

This is definately something i want to experience again.

I love my master completely and i trust him. Thank you for choosing me My Master.

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