Friday, 3 December 2010

Agony of Ecstasy

The Agony of Ecstasy
River wakes up suddenly, he didn’t remember falling asleep but he must have. The slave kennel was hot and sticky, the deathly still air stifling. The kennel was empty except for him; his brother must be out serving their master once more. River sighs, and rolls over in his bunk, it had been days since he had enjoyed his master’s attentions and where he did not begrudge his brother, he wished he could have shared in their adventures together too.
River reaches down and scratches his balls that are sticking to his leg in the humid air, and he moans softly as his cock reacts to his touch. He uses his fingers to separate them from his leg and then rolls then tenderly in his hand. His hand drifts to his penis and he trails a finger down the length, feeling it jump beneath it. It had been so long since he had felt relief. He pinches the tip of his cock and a small pearl of cum seeps out. Using his thumb he spreads it over the sensitive skin and then slides his hand down his shaft. Pleasure floods through him and he lies back with his knees bent and legs open as he fists his cock slowly. His head tells him to stop, that if he is found out he will be punished but his body begs him to continue, his hips moving of their own accord, ignoring the warnings in his mind. Somewhere distant River hears a pleasured groan; he doesn’t recognise his own voice. He is lost in his self gratification.
A rivulet of sweat runs down his chest between his firm pectoral muscles  and he uses his free hand to wipe it away, instead his fingers find his nipple and squeezes and pulls it, sending a shock through his body that flows into his cock, making it jump once more in his hand.  Moaning almost silently he begins to thrust up into his hand, increasing his speed as he edged closer to his climax. His body felt as if it was on fire, he felt the wood beneath his back and the metal around his neck. As he fucks his fist slowly, he brings his free hand up to the collar and presses his fingers on the engraving. He didn’t know what it said, no one had seen fit to tell him but he knew it declared him property of Tidra. Property. The thought of that sent shudders through is body and his cock oozed he rubbed his hand over the head again, lubing himself even more.  His hand moves faster, jerking and jerking, every nerve in his body burns and his mouth falls open as his eyes close. He inches closer and closer, his cock throbbing under his caress. With a loud cry his cock explodes sending ribbons of hot creamy cum over his hand, he keeps jerking, riding out the ecstasy to its final moments. The door to the kennel opens silently and the man stands watching as the boy comes back down from his climax.

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