Sunday, 22 July 2012

Parcel for Rent

My Master, brother and I have put together and got a parcel which we have made into a lovely little hideaway for rent. Its the type of place i would rent myself if i didn't have my master and brother to look after me.

Anyway, here is the Advert I wrote for it.

Beautiful parcel for rent.

Situated mid sim, we have a very attractive, two roomed cottage to rent, set on its own garden. A lovely pond, surrounded in rocks and ferns provides a lovely place to sit and watch the bubbling rock fountain while butterflies and birds dance and sing around you.  The garden is decorated with flowers, trees and grass and privacy screens surround the parcel, giving you a sense of isolation and peace.
The cost of renting this lovely oasis of peace and tranquillity is 700$L per week.
For this you get an invitation to the group and 345 prims for your personal use.

Viewing is recommended as photos really don’t do justice to the parcel.

To rent, just pay the rent box then contact us in world:

Franziskus Ninetails
River Airy
Endymion Avalira

You will be added to the group as tenant and you will have a lovely new home. Rent is payable in advance please and no more than 48 hours will be granted for late payment (continual late payments will be evicted.) Minimum rental two weeks please and one week notice would be appreciated when vacating but not necessary.

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