Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Ohhh well.....

... Haven't blogged in a while so i thought i would post a couple of pictures that i took over the weekend and today.

the first is me waiting for my master, after being kicked out of our parcel due to sim restart.

the second two are from the sunday night dance at Tabor. As usual my Master, Brother and I were the only ones that actually made an effort. Everyone else just said 'oh olympic theme," and put on a tee shirt with a flag or some shorts.
We actually planned and got our outifts together and went as a Swimming Team.
Our Master got second place in the competition and he very kindly shared it with us. Thank you, my beloved Master." I only took two pictures but i think we looked really good.

On a final note my bitch of a boss gave me a verbal warning for being off sick. I have had five days of sickness since February!! I know for a fact that there are people that have had much more than me. I was like 'what ever!!!'

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