Friday, 23 March 2012

See this is why i should never be left alone.

What does a slave do when he has too much time on his hands? Does he carry on building the house he is building. ..... No!.. Does he continue sorting out his inventory so that he can actually be ready for when Direct Delivery starts on Marketplace ... No! ... Well surely he has gone to RL and done all the chores he is putting off doing .... No!

Well what does he do then?

He goes shopping and spends thousands of linden that he really shouldn't be spending on silly skins and different looks. So here we go.

Feeling Blue .. get it lol.

Styling Card.

Skin .. Ice Crystal - Fallen Gods inc I am putting the demo for you to see. 990$L bought in world.
Hair .. Orion MESH Hair - Male - Whites pack - bought from marketplace, 250$L pack of four shades.
Eyes .. Glowing Prim Eyes  bought in world 90$L
Outfit .. Ice Crystal + Fallen Gods- Ice Crystal Outfit- Male. Bought in world, 500$L
Jewelery .. Nose Chain T.E.D bought on line 150$L
Shape ... Jomo boy03 Bought in world (this is a demo, now its actually a skin pack and shape and its very expensive I think, But I used the included shape. I cant remember the actual price but it was 1000$L+)

The only difference in this pack is that I am wearing a hair that i already had and I have changed the skin.
Skin .. Dust Elemental + Fallen Gods again this is the demo version, although you can buy it on marketplace, it is in a full pack. You can buy individual skins at Fallen Gods in world for 880$L each

Something fishy going on

Skin .. Dust Elemental + Fallen Gods 880$L in world
Scales .. Royal Fish + Fallen Gods inc 130$L bought in world
Hair .. Orion Mesh Hair - Black Pack 250$L bought in Marketplace pack of four different shades of black.

Just don't add it all up. giggles.

I also bought the scales in blue, Abyss by fallen gods skin and a fairy animation overide. Sigh i am officially a shop-o-holic. kisses to all.

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