Friday, 20 January 2012

Time for an update

Time for an update I think.

We have a few things that I need to show and tell. Firstly Gor.

We/My Master decided to give Open Collar a go. Since coming to Gor I have always worn a Tokon Collar, My Master's boys all have the same one. After wearing a simple collar for a few days we decided to try changing our usual collar scripts for the Open Collar ones. Yay, It worked. So now we keep a copy of Tokon collar for low scripted area's and our Open Collar ones for everything else. So far so good. I think our Master likes the control it gives him over us. The truth is I love the control it gives him over us. So here's hoping that he wants to keep it for now.

Our Master bought himself some new clothes this week from Tigereye Designs He looks so very handsome in them. And as a special treat he bought us some new matching furs to compliment his.

nice new furs


Thank you My Master

There has been some complaints/moaning in Tabor about Av's not looking old enough and it made me look at myself. Though I thought I looked adult enough. (meant to be 20 when given the serums) I didn't want My Master to be put in a position where he got questioned. (also he complained that i was a skinny bitch when he wanted to photograph me wearing a candy pouch he made and it was WAY too big for me) So I have 'Beefed' up a bit. I am not sure. Somehow I think that I am not as pretty now as I was. But both my Master and my brother like the change so I will see how I feel about it. (I used Endy's settings for the body size and when I put it on I gasped .. "I look so fat," now he keeps saying that I think he is fat. I don't. You look so much thinner in the shape than I do." After being so skinny for so long I guess I just have to get used to it.

Old v New

Other news,

I finally sold something on Marketplace. Some textures that I made. 7 fruit textures it was only 25$L but Yay my first sale

Finally we have been making packets for our market stall in Tabor Tropics here are My Master's two latest items.

leg not included made me laugh so hard

And for good measure I have taken some pictures of the market. Come and visit us sometime.

i am so proud of my carpet display that i made.


  1. like your stuff you have for sale, maybe you can put in a cart in my new city of lannisport for game of thrones. the market will be within the city and not in a sky mall. As for your size, i have heard some complaints on your size. my reply was that you were not playing a child, but a short earth male. anyways you look good on the slightly bigger shape

  2. Thanks Misha, and I will defiantly let My Master know about your offer. Kisses honey. x