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saved by Tabor patrol

I got an unexpected little roleplay yesterday, Names have been left in with permission from those involved.  no pictures i am afraid as i forgot to take them

Saved by Tabor's Patrol

River stretches as he relaxes in the sunshine, leaning his back against the hard wood of his master’s door. As he watches a ferry arrives and a boy steps off. Being the good boy that he is he hurries across the bridge to see if he can be of help.
River approaches the slave and says” tal brother.”
 Bubi's թยรร looks up and grunts “huh? Oh Tal there, “he smiles
“Can I be of help” river asks helpfully.
Bubi's թยรร smiles and says, “a tiny little slut boy!”
River frowns
Bubi's թยรร walks over to him....jiggles his tassels how sweet
River takes a step back not sure suddenly. "Are you lost or looking for something/one?" he asks still attempting to be friendly
Bubi's թยรร laughs shrugs Bubi's թยรร whispers: I found someone....or something rather....didn’t I? Looks at his bell...." tingle!..... Laughs. Bubi's թยรร steps closer...tingling his bell "
River pulls himself up to his full height determined not to be intimidated by the new arrival. "My master doesn’t like his boys to creep up on him," he says in his defence
Bubi's թยรร tilts his head....looking at him....."you good at creeping around are you?"
River glares at the boy. “I am a slave; my lot is to be seen not heard”
Bubi's թยรร nods....looking him over.....flicking at his nipple rings...."true....and you are a cute little slut....I think I should wrap you up and take you home to my Mistress as a gift.....she would love to toy with you"
Xcite! Tribal Belly Piercing: **Your Xcite! Tribal Belly Piercing is being touched by Brat Porterfield
Brat Porterfield tickles River's tummy, causing him to collapse in a giggling fit.
River swallows hard and takes another step back. "My master is the merchant here. He does not let pass people stealing his property.
Bubi's թยรร looks around.....listens....then grins...."I don’t see anyone....nor hear anyone...."
River gulps. “It doesn't mean he is not around,” he says worriedly.
Bubi's թยรร nods...."true.....but...." points over his shoulder "the boat is there....and you and I are here.....I could have you tied up in a knot faster than you could scream "Master you're slut is in trouble"
River: and why would you do that? I came to you in good faith to offer assistance. Do you always threaten when offered help
Bubi's թยรร laughs....."Noooo.....but I don't see how such a little slut could be of help to anyone.....unless they wanted someone to hump their leg.....and secondly.....why wouldn’t I? If I took you home and hung you on a cross for my Mistress....I would be rewarded for bringing home such a lovely toy" Bubi's թยรร slips his finger inside his collar....pulling him closer
River pales at the thought of being parted from his master, he pulls back as his collar is grabbed
Bubi's թยรร jumps aside seeing a warrior arrive
Kenny Draesia jumps down from his tarn. “Greetings boys.”
Bubi's թยรร kneels quickly...says "greetings Masters"
River staggers back as a tarn arrives taking him by surprise
Kenny Draesia looks at the 2 beautiful slave boys...
River: he falls to his knees, head down, recognising the two warriors’ immediately. ”greetings masters”
Reiji Ryada: Tal River and boy
River: Tal master
Kenny Draesia looks at his friend's slave, river...
“We were making our patrol around Tabor” Reiji Ryada said explaining their presence.
Kenny Draesia smiles and asked “Is your Master here, boy?”
River shook his head. “No master, he is still on his travels.”
Kenny Draesia smiles at the boy.
Bubi's թยรร adjusts himself slightly....watchful of the the boy says his Master is travelling....he looks sideways at him...grinning
Kenny Draesia: well, I expect to hear from him on his return...Understood?
River moves to the master's feet thinking fast. “Master’s might I offer you some refreshments?”
Ryu Ka look the other boy with concern.... * from where are you boy
Kenny Draesia keeps his eyes on the boy not recognized, ignoring him for the moment
Bubi's թยรร is about to answer as the Kur jumps off boat
Kenny Draesia: Aye, river.
Bubi's թยรร: ummm....
Kenny Draesia: Continue whatever you were doing, boy.
River: my master would surely punish me for letting you go
Kenny Draesia: I wish to see your Master's wares at least, river.
Bubi's թยรร watches the kur says...."My owner lives in Three Moons Valley, Master"
Geordie looks around sniffing at the air taking in all the scents of the humans, reaching up into his harness switches on his translator
River see's the kur jump off the ship and is about to run when he recognises his fur
Ryu Ka looks the beast which arrive from the boat * Tal hairy beast! *
River moves a little closer, trying not to be afraid. “I know this beast master. he is a 'friend' of my master.”
Kenny Draesia glances once again at the unrecognised boy and smiles...., are you going to help river serve us refreshment, boy?"
Geordie: “I have dealings with this slaves Owner we trade. I have some tabuk horn from the north to trade with some southern spices.”
Reiji Ryada: if you are a friend of my friend Franz you are welcome Sir!
Kenny Draesia frowns, what are you called by your Master, boy?
Bubi's թยรร looks at the kur.....then at the free men....finally at the slut.....he sighs looking at the he hears the Master's words he lowers his eyes says...nervously...."if you want Master....or maybe I should be going home to my Mistress? : I am called Puss”
My master is not here my lord. May I pass on a message?” river asks the Kur.
Kenny Draesia smiles gently. "First boy: your name .We know river.”
Cookie lets its dark eyes flash with a hidden hate, it's tail lashing out as if to herd the thrall...razor teeth letting out a low hiss
Kenny Draesia looks at his friends slave..."prepare refreshment, boy."
River: yes master
Bubi's թยรร sees a sleen in a harness....shaking his head....thinking he really is in a bad place
It would be better if the boy leaves I think my master would not want him in his house,” river suggests hoping that the master’s would understand that the boy is not a friend of his and that he felt endangered by him.
Geordie reaches down tickling cookies ear to try and reassure her, which reaching down with his other hand attaching a large chain to her harness
River looks pointedly at the slave, his racing heart now slowing gain
Bubi's թยรร calms himself.....takes his hand off his blow gun.....says with a smile...."my Mistress has a pet sleen.....but it’s always caged"
Geordie: this is not as how you call a pet, this is a grey hunting sleen, trained to track and capture humans
Cookie slowly, inches its way over to the seated, before getting yanked back to heal... a look of distain. It was hungry as was always the way
Kenny Draesia glances around, "well we were supposed to shop some anyway"
Bubi's թยรร lowers his head....says "understood, my Lord".....stays perfectly still
Geordie: it will relentlessly follow them for days, and either bring them back, or bring back part of them enough to show that the hunt is no longer required
Kenny Draesia reaches down and lifts the boy's face by the chin, peering into his face... *Interest sparked*... "You are a fine boy,”
River stands up wanting to get away.
Bubi's թยรร looks up at the Master.......his bright blue eyes showing respect and something untamed in equal measure
Cookie snaps it's fangs at River, lashing out a if to keep him in its line of vision
Kenny Draesia: have you papers from your. Err, was it Mistress?"
River yelps and jumps back; this sleen was just like fluffy always trying to bite him
Geordie gives a brief tug on the chain, yanking cookie back to his side
Bubi's թยรร shakes his head as much as he can while the man holds his chin.....says "No collar is my identification.....and the tattoo on my chest"
Geordie: settle down girl
Kenny Draesia: /e looks sternly at river and finally snaps at the boy for NOT following instructions... "River! Refreshment, NOW!"
Geordie: River, when will your owner be returning, I have some goods to trade with him?
River: forgive me master
Cookie the rumbling command eases her for now
Kenny Draesia: And you?
River: what would master like to drink, paga, juice we have rence beer if you prefer master."
Kenny Draesia: paga, and some fruit to drink... Kenny Draesia waves at river dismissively.
Ryu Ka looks at river, softly respond * a cold paga will be fine, river *
River: yes master," river runs back to the house to fetch the refreshments. Worried that his master's friend would tell him of his lapse
Bubi's թยรร the moment he steps outside he grabs the boy....
River jumps as he is grabbed
Bubi's թยรร covers his mouth...and pulls him inside
Bubi's թยรร kicks the door shut
River struggles kicking back and dropping the tray
Bubi's թยรร grabs his throat.....still covering his mouth with the other hand....whispers...."shush now.....not a noise"
Door Gate 1 shouts: Kenny Draesia knocks loudly at the door
Bubi's թยรร hears footsteps....let him go......starts picking up the stuff he dropped
River stops struggling, knowing that he doesn't stand a chance against the bigger man. As he is suddenly let go he gasps and runs for the door
Bubi's թยรร: better get the door brother....I will get the stuff you dropped...It will be fine....
River: master
Kenny Draesia: What was the commotion?
Bubi's թยรร smiles at the brother is a little clumsy
River: he gasps, "He grabbed me"
Kenny Draesia kicks the boy's ass...
Bubi's թยรร picks up the broken bowls on his hands and knees and looks up...."but Master...."
River falls to his knees and hangs his head clearly shaken
Kenny Draesia: I heard a scuffle..."River are you well?" he holds out his hand to the unknown slave. “Papers, boy,” he demands
River: he attacked me master, “river pants not daring to lie to the guardsman
Bubi's թยรร keeps picking up the stuff river dropped...crawling around on his hands and knees handing the tray to river...smiles..."here...its fine now"
Kenny Draesia: using incredible speed draws his Razor sharp sword, striking quickly. : Let's see. My Love...
Bubi's թยรร: I collar and the tattoo on my chest are my papers
Kenny Draesia: He's a handsome one
River looks at the broken goblets and ruined paga; he would surely be beaten for this
Kenny Draesia: Who is your Mistress, boy? River?
Bubi's թยรร says head down....kneeling with his legs wide spread....his voice anxious "I belong to my Mistress Bubi....of the Rising Sun mercenaries, Master"
Kenny Draesia: Ask your friends outside to see this boy back to his mistress.
River jumps to his feet, “ yes master” he says and runs outside to see if the kur is still on the dock.” I will bring them to the door”
Bubi's թยรร draws a breath of relief
Kenny Draesia smiles at the mistaken kajirus, "I didn't say safely, boy"
They have gone master” river says returning. "The kur and his pet have left master."
Bubi's թยรร swallows hard.....his face turning pale
Kenny Draesia grins at the untrusted new slave,
Bubi's թยรร has some colour return to his face
Ryu Ka looks at the boy, much more concerned about the last answer * so your Mistress is a mercenary... and what a boy from a mercenary Mistress have to do here....? *
Kenny Draesia: well, it’s an odd hour to be out.
River: maybe it is as well master, the kur enjoy a fresh slave boy for dinner
Kenny Draesia: I was going to offer them this one. Kenny Draesia smiles wickedly all around.
River smiles brightly. "I am sure he would have been grateful master. Should I fetch more paga master?"
Kenny Draesia: Perhaps we could bind him and leave him to be found by the beasts.
Bubi's թยรร stays perfectly still....his eyes on the man's feet.....not daring to look up
Ryu Ka looks at river with a smile on his lips, nodding at him and gently says * aye river bring us some paga *
Kenny Draesia looks at river with an air of "C'set la vie" on his face..."Do you know where we might leave such a present, river?
River: smiles brightly at his master's friend and whispers... "Yes master," he gets lightly to his feet and runs back to the kitchen. He pauses at the master's question. I am not sure I do master,
Kenny Draesia looks at the kneeling boy...”Hand me any weapons you have, boy"
River: I believe kur are in the northern parts, at least that is where that one came from
Bubi's թยรร sighs.....he hands him his blow gun....and the needles
Kenny Draesia: It wouldn't be right to have a bit of sharpness stick their throats as they swallow.
Bubi's թยรร says with a quiet smile " tongue is a well trained instrument as has brought down many in moans.....but I hope you will let me keep it"
Kenny Draesia searches the boy for weapons.
Bubi's թยรร smiles at him as he feels his hands all over his muscular body
Kenny Draesia removes what appears to be a dagger or blow dart gun...: breaking them and tossing them aside.
River grabs up a fresh tray and new clean goblets rubbing them with a rep cloth to be sure. He then takes a fresh bota of paga from the chiller and carries it carefully out to his master's friends
River kneels and places the tray on the floor between his knees
Bubi's թยรร waits patiently...kneeling at the Master's feet....looking sideways at the dishy slut
Kenny Draesia uses the razor sharp tip of his sword to trace the boy's body... lifting the chin, moving slowly, circling the nipples and delicately down the boy's belly to his navel.... All the while, smiling....
River: he lifts the bota and pulls the cork with his teeth and fills the goblets
Ryu Ka smiles at river who returns from the kitchen, licks his lips while the boy kneel with the fresh paga, still looking from the comer of his eyes the other boy with his fc
Bubi's թยรร straightens up.....keeping perfectly still.....feeling his skin grow goose bumps.......his nipples harden.....he keeps his eyes on the man's feet...not daring to look up
River: he lifts one double handed to master reiji, "your chilled paga master,” he says softly. "May it quench your thirst from your long patrol."
Kenny Draesia pushes his foot under the boy's balls lifting to get the boy's attention and ...With a quick flick of my wrist; cut's the boy's silks away.
River looks up at the other master, not sure if he should interrupt or not. "Would master like his paga chilled or warmed master," he asks in a small voice
Kenny Draesia doesn't even glance at river while replying,"set it aside, river."
Ryu Ka smiles warmly at river, slowly reach the bowl with one hand and lift to his lips, sipping the tasty beverage with pleased face, he turns his glance at the sweet boy and nicely says * a very well done serve, river your Master can be proud of you and of your serve *
Kenny Draesia: I just cut this boy's silks away with my sword.
Bubi's թยรร watches his foot slide under his balls....his cock responding just a little....he starts a little...but doesn’t move as the Master cuts his silks from his body....a shiver running down his spin
River: yes master," river replies softly and sets the bowl to the side waiting
Kenny Draesia chuckles to himself seeing the now naked slave before him.
Kenny Draesia: Very Pretty cock and balls, submissive one..........................
Bubi's թยรร swallows......his cock and balls resting on the Master's foot.....he can smell the sweat and leather of the warrior this close
Kenny Draesia: do you wish them left intact?
Bubi's թยรร looks up pleadingly.....says...."I beg you to leave them intact, Master"
Kenny Draesia yawns sufficiently bored by the slave.....*looks down disdainfully*....: What do you recommend I do with this sweet piece of slave ass, My Love?
Bubi's թยรร lowers his eyes......feeling helpless at the Master's feet
Ryu Ka looks at his lover with concern about why the boy was here then he reply * well we can let him go or inaugurate our jails in the Mountains *
Kenny Draesia: Or even.... better idea... I'm for taking off your head.... but, I'll let river decide.
Kenny Draesia: Well, My FC rules.
Bubi's թยรร looks at his brother pleadingly.....his eyes begging him
Kenny Draesia: river? Kenny Draesia tickles the boy before him with his broad part of his blades, never once having broken the boy's pretty skin.
Bubi's թยรร jumps a little...trying hard not to move....the warrior towering over him.....
Kenny Draesia: applies pressure, lifting my foot, watching the boy budge upwards.

River: hmmmm." river contemplates the boy's fate not really wanting to condemn him to anything. But then again not wanting him to think that he can attack someone else’s property
Bubi's թยรร shifts his weight uneasily as the Master toys with his balls
River: I am not sure master," maybe send him back to his mistress
Kenny Draesia applies enough pressure with his foot to cause the boy a small bit of pain... *smiles at the boy* aHH, RIVER.
River: but send a message to tell her of his misbehaviour. If she is a true mistress she will punish him, either for trying to abduct another’s property or for failing
Bubi's թยรร moans a little.....his cock grows under the master's pressure.....his natural kajirus instincts waking
River watches as the boy squirms under the hand of the guardsman, and thinks to himself and he called me slut.
Bubi's թยรร leans over...very slowly....licks at the Master's strong hand
Kenny Draesia feels and see's the boy's heat.....Smiles, wanting to bust the boy down.... Then river compose the message, I'll sign it and attach my seal to it.
River: yes master. Might I run to my master's office for parchment?
Kenny Draesia: I'm kinda busy admiring the beautiful boy and his "slave Rising. Go, river! "
River hurries up to the office
Bubi's թยรร moans almost inaudibly......rubbing himself against the Master's foot.....keeps licking at his hand holding the sword
River scrats around looking for a spare piece of parchment then takes his master's quill: carefully drawing the shapes on to it
Kenny Draesia has had his attention focused on the slave before him..... Not paying nearly the attention to his FC that he should.
Bubi's թยรร rubs himself more on the master's foot....almost humping his leg now....running his tongue along the shaft of his sword.....
Kenny Draesia starts rubbing the errant slave between the boy's balls and anus, increasing the pressure gradually, watching the boy's reaction.
Ryu Ka smiles at his lover, while he observe the young kneeling boy; continues to drink his paga and wondering what his fc will do with the cutie
Bubi's թยรร moans wiggling his ass on his foot like a good pet
River hurries back down to the master with the parchment in his hand, waving it to dry the ink. In his other hand he carries a candle
Bubi's թยรร opens his mouth.....wrapping his full lips around the tip of his sword....sucking it...careful not to cut himself
Kenny Draesia takes one sword and places it under the boy's chin lifting his head to cock level, the other sword poised at the boy's heart.
River kneels again and holds the parchment up to the master, for him to take when he is ready
Bubi's թยรร looks up at the Master with a look of lustful submission
Kenny Draesia: without looking away..."read it to me river.
River: yes master: he reads: Your slave was apprehended in tabor tropics while we were on routine patrol. He was attempting to steal property from the merchant. In our kindness we have decided to return the boy to you for your punishment.
We do this in good faith that you are a free woman of good nature and will realise the depth of his crime.
With good wishes
Bubi's թยรร moves his crotch against the Master's foot while hearing the slave read
Kenny Draesia takes the point of his sword and softly traces the symbol of a Tarn on the boy's heart....."Look carefully at this cock boy; it is one that will impale you one day!"
Bubi's թยรร looks at it.....his mouth slowly opening....he licks his lips hungrily....says without taking his eyes off the Master's manhood "yes Master"
Ryu Ka finish drinking the delicious paga, bend while he listen at his lover words and places the bowl on the tray, stand again with his bow at his other hand
Kenny Draesia ties the parchment around the boy's collar and secures it,
Bubi's թยรร stays still.....looking into the Master's strong eyes.....waiting for him to leave his message on his collar
River: maybe you should bind the slave master, so that he cannot conveniently loss the message
((At this point bubi had to log off quickly due to rl slapping him in the mouth))
Kenny Draesia next bends down and whispers in the boy's ear..." by all rights, I could kill you and pay your mistress compensation, only..... I bestow mercy on you at the bequest of a mere slave, yet a slave I protect as I love his Master, be glad to be alive."
Ryu Ka nods at river's suggestion then turn at his lover * my love tied the boy wrist and use cuffs he will not able to cut them like he can with ropes.....*
Kenny binds the boy and takes him down to the dock putting him on a ship bound for his home land.  
Reiji Ryada stashes the bow away again in a convenient hiding place for the next battle.
Kenny Draesia returns from the dock and smiles at river, "Hand me my paga.
River: yes master
River reaches up the paga to the master. Hoping that it is not now too warm for him
[2011/09/18 03:05]  Kenny Draesia takes the paga and upends it down his throat, spilling most of it around his mouth...
River: might I walk you back to your tarns.
Kenny Draesia: Certainly, river,
River: if is master's pleasure I will walk them back to their tarns.
Kenny Draesia: See about getting us access to these doors.
River: yes master
River: yes master: I shall ask my master for a key for you
Kenny Draesia: I insist on that. : Ok, let's go.
Reiji Ryada: you may ask your Master to make us officially your protectors
River: yes master thank you master. safe paths masters
Kenny Draesia: Take care, river!
Reiji Ryada: safe paths river
Kenny Draesia: Serve with Fire and passion!
River waves at the guardsmen... Thankful they were on patrol when they were
Kenny Draesia pulls the 1st leather for skyward.
River: waves from the bridge as the tarnsmen take to the skies on their magnificent mounts.

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