Thursday, 23 June 2011

Corcyrus ... Jewel of the Vosk

My Master is still building. Work goes slowly but that is because my Master intends to build one of the most beautiful cities in Gor. He has been putting his two faithful boys to work too. Endy has built a wonderful Initiates tower which he has selflessly called 'River's Song to Sardar' and though I am no builder even I have been working, placing doors, and adjusting textures. And though seeing the city grow and start to fill with citizens I can't help but wish we were finished already. A very good friend of mine has taken the adjoining sim parcel and is currently busy building his gorean project. (More details when its ready.)
So here are a couple of pictures of the city as it is looking now. There are still bits to finish and landscaping to do but you will get the right idea.
I will photo Endy's builds separately.

On a separate note the former slave of my Master, Mamba, wandered into the city last night and knelt before my Master and begged to be collared by him again.
My Master took pity on the boy and took the collar that he carried on his belt and re-claimed him as his.
Mamba is now third on my Master's chain,

Welcome Home My Brother.

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  1. Beautiful paintings my brother.

    And welcome back to the chain my other brother