Monday, 8 November 2010

Welcome to Tidra boy

River Airy of Northampton Earth wakes in the shade where Derren had left him and sits up looking around . “Derren?” he says, then shouts a little louder, “Derren?”   he gets shakily to his feet and peers in to the undergrowth. “Derren, “ he calls again before stepping in .
 [2010/11/02 08:53]  River Airy: turns nervously thinking he heard someone behind him
[2010/11/02 08:53]  River Airy: looking around he sees no one and shrugs thinking that he must be imagining it                                                                                                                                                                               
 [2010/11/02 09:00]  Tyragon Mistwalker watches a boy strolling nervously through the jungle. He tilts his head, trying to remember, if he knows him from the warriors' camp of stone.
[2010/11/02 09:00]  River Airy: suddenly stops catching sight of a man in the distance
[2010/11/02 09:01]  River Airy: backs away slowly
[2010/11/02 09:02]  Tyragon Mistwalker wonders.. 'Did the strange boy recognize him?'.... the grip around his spear gets tighter, ready to capture his prey...
[2010/11/02 09:02]  GM 3.3: Tyragon Mistwalker hit you with Spear [by LR] 2.08 (20%) - strike type: arrow~direct
[2010/11/02 09:02]  River Airy: runs as he sees the savage jump out of the bushes
[2010/11/02 09:03]  GM 3.3: Tyragon Mistwalker hit you with Spear [by LR] 2.08 (20%) - strike type: arrow~direct
[2010/11/02 09:03]  River Airy: river tries to escape
 [2010/11/02 09:04]  Eytakuk Dagger (switchable) 2.08: Tyragon Mistwalker has switched the dagger to throwing mode...
[2010/11/02 09:05]  River Airy: runs blindly round a corner and  finds himself cut off and trys to back track
 [2010/11/02 09:05]  GM 3.3: Tyragon Mistwalker hit you with Spear [by LR] 2.08 (20%) - strike type: arrow~direct
 [2010/11/02 09:06]  GM 3.3: Tyragon Mistwalker Has Captured River Airy!
 [2010/11/02 09:06]  River Airy: falls to the ground as the savage strikes him with his spear
 [2010/11/02 09:06]  Tyragon Mistwalker puts his spear back on his shoulders
[2010/11/02 09:07]  Tyragon Mistwalker knocks his prey down with the hilt of his spear. In wonder he kneels down, looking at the boy with hair like sunshine
[2010/11/02 09:08]  Tyragon Mistwalker takes some binding fiber from his belt, pulls the hands of the boy on his back
[2010/11/02 09:08]  River Airy: moans as he slowly regains his senses
[2010/11/02 09:08]  Tyragon Mistwalker knees on the boy's back, holding his wrists together. He ties the hands up with the binding-fiber
 [2010/11/02 09:10]  Tyragon Mistwalker draws his dagger and cuts off the strings that holds the boy's weapon and the bag on his shoulders
 [2010/11/02 09:11]  River Airy: groans loudly as he is handled
[2010/11/02 09:12]  Tyragon Mistwalker as the boy gains conciousness, lifts his upper body up to take a closer look at him
[2010/11/02 09:12]  Tyragon Mistwalker snarls in Gorean "BOY QUIET!"
[2010/11/02 09:12]  River Airy: he opens his eyes and blinks against the sunshine as the savage stands over him
[2010/11/02 09:12]  Tyragon Mistwalker opens the bag, searching it, but finds nothing interesting
 [2010/11/02 09:13]  River Airy: what do you want?
[2010/11/02 09:14]  River Airy: i have nothing
[2010/11/02 09:14]  Tyragon Mistwalker grabs for the loincloth around the boy's hips and pulls at it, ripping it off roughly
[2010/11/02 09:15]  River Airy: inches away from the man using his feet
[2010/11/02 09:15]  Xcite! X3 Ass: **Your Xcite! X3 Ass is being touched by Tyragon Mistwalker
[2010/11/02 09:15]  Tyragon Mistwalker draws his dagger
[2010/11/02 09:16]  River Airy: holds still his eyes fixed on the blade then looks around wildly for his brother
[2010/11/02 09:16]  Tyragon Mistwalker steps back as the boy speaks and some strange sounds come over his lips
[2010/11/02 09:16]  River Airy: what do you want
[2010/11/02 09:17]  Tyragon Mistwalker tilts his head in surprise and curiousity "Snanke not understand tongue of boy!"
 [2010/11/02 09:17]  Tyragon Mistwalker: Boy not speak Gorean?
[2010/11/02 09:17]  Tyragon Mistwalker tries his own language with little hope: "Inahan?"
[2010/11/02 09:17]  River Airy: i dont understand you , i shout angrily still not realising the danger I am  in
[2010/11/02 09:19]  Tyragon Mistwalker reocognizes the boy looking around nervously. He turns away for an ehn to listen and watch into the jungle. Cautiously... his senses tensed if there's anybody else...
[2010/11/02 09:20]  Tyragon Mistwalker as everything seems normal turns his attention back to the boy. He steps closer, grabs his hair and yanks his head back. Looking into his eye he growls.....
[2010/11/02 09:20]  [Uw.7R]    Keats-Hair   size-S    Holy golden: **Your [Uw.7R]    Keats-Hair   size-S    Holy golden is being touched by Tyragon Mistwalker
[2010/11/02 09:20]  [Uw.7R]    Keats-Hair   size-S    Holy golden whispers: Tyragon Mistwalker yanks back on River's hair, forcing his head back.
[2010/11/02 09:20]  River Airy: ahhhhh
[2010/11/02 09:20]  Tyragon Mistwalker: BOY NOT SHOUT! MAKE SLEEN NURVOSS!
 [2010/11/02 09:21]  River Airy eyes water as the wild man fists his hair and pulls his head back
 [2010/11/02 09:22]  Tyragon Mistwalker releases his grip and steps back again, watching the boy from head to toe. He doesn't recognize a ring of metal around his neck
 [2010/11/02 09:22]  Tyragon Mistwalker takes a rope from his belt and forms a sling
[2010/11/02 09:22]  River Airy: hopes desperately that his brother stays hidden
[2010/11/02 09:23]  River Airy thinks hard, not knowing what is going to happen to him as he watches the man tying knots in a rope
[2010/11/02 09:24]  Tyragon Mistwalker steps closer again... the hand with the dagger pointing at the boy's chest.... threatening... while his other hand tries to slide the leash around his captive's head to his neck
[2010/11/02 09:24]  River Airy: you let me go, he says slowly
[2010/11/02 09:24]  Tyragon Mistwalker growls as his captive makes strange sounds again
[2010/11/02 09:24]  River Airy pulls back as the noose is placed around this neck
 [2010/11/02 09:26]  Tyragon Mistwalker: me hisses again "Boy quiet!" and tightens the rope around the boy's neck and throat...the knots in a way that they choke the captive if he moves too much
[2010/11/02 09:26]  River Airy: chokes, gasping for breath as the knots tighten and he knows from the savages tone that he is to be silent
 [2010/11/02 09:27]  Tyragon Mistwalker steps back again, the leash in his hands he considers... His gaze wandering from the boy to the camp... then over to where the camp of the warriors is
 [2010/11/02 09:28]  Tyragon Mistwalker - not fond of the warriors destroying more and more of the island and claiming it for their camp of stone, but as he has no use for a boy, doesn't understand his tongue and knows, that the tribe is always hungry - pulls at the leash and commands "Boy come!"
 [2010/11/02 09:33]  River Airy: whimpers as he is pulled roughly to his feet and then dragged by the neck throught the jungle
[2010/11/02 09:33]  Tyragon Mistwalker yanks at the leash, forcing his captive to follow him
[2010/11/02 09:34]  River Airy: reluctantly following
 [2010/11/02 09:35]  River Airy: pulls back as the huge fort lumes over him
[2010/11/02 09:36]  Tyragon Mistwalker kicks into the hollow of the boy's knees, knowing that the warriors like it, when they kneel
[2010/11/02 09:37]  Tyragon Mistwalker draws his spear from his shoulders and knocks with the hilt loudly against the big gate
[2010/11/02 09:37]  Tyragon Mistwalker draws his spear from his shoulders
 [2010/11/02 09:37]  River Airy: falls to his knees as his legs are kicked from under him and groans from the force of his fall
 [2010/11/02 09:37]  Tyragon Mistwalker: *KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK*
 [2010/11/02 09:37]  Seymour Greymoon: Tal!
[2010/11/02 09:37]  ::Kool Door whispers: Seymour Greymoon opened the door
 [2010/11/02 09:38]  River Airy: looks wide eyed at the huge man that opens the door
[2010/11/02 09:38]  Seymour Greymoon: Ah snake what brings you up here?
[2010/11/02 09:38]  River Airy pulls frantically at the ropes holding his hands
[2010/11/02 09:39]  River Airy: theres been a mistake, i cry desperately
[2010/11/02 09:39]  Tyragon Mistwalker raises his eyebrows as the gate is opened and he recognizes how much the warriors have built there. He raises his hand "Hau"
[2010/11/02 09:40]  Seymour Greymoon: good to see you Snake*looks down at the boy tied up * what have you here snake?
[2010/11/02 09:40]  Tyragon Mistwalker points with the tip of his spear to his captive "Snake finding boy in jungle. Is boy from camp of warriors? Snake not understand his growling"
[2010/11/02 09:41]  River Airy: looks from one man to the other not knowing what is being said. I am River Airy, i say slowly . i dont belong here
[2010/11/02 09:42]  Seymour Greymoon: I can take him off your hands snake, I don't know maby the lord of the fort bought him somewhere even if he is a bit scrawny
[2010/11/02 09:42]  Tyragon Mistwalker: Boy speaking strange tongue like urt squeek
[2010/11/02 09:42]  River Airy: tugs at his bindings once more
[2010/11/02 09:43]  Tyragon Mistwalker steps back as the warrior reaches for the leash. He yanks at the rope, choking his captive a bit more
[2010/11/02 09:43]  River Airy: gasps and chokes cutting off the next words he was going to say
[2010/11/02 09:43]  Seymour Greymoon grab for the leash " thank you snake, we owe you"
[2010/11/02 09:44]  Tyragon Mistwalker narrows his eyes, looking down at his captive "Name of boy is Abitscronie?":
[2010/11/02 09:44]  River Airy: coughs his eyes watering
[2010/11/02 09:45]  GM 3.3: Tyragon Mistwalker hit you with Primordial Spear (switchable) 2.08 (35%) - strike type: spear
 [2010/11/02 09:45]  Seymour Greymoon: no I do not know what his name is but hee seems a bit malnourished
[2010/11/02 09:45]  GM 3.3: Tyragon Mistwalker hit you with Primordial Spear (switchable) 2.08 (35%) - strike type: spear
[2010/11/02 09:45]  Tyragon Mistwalker puts his spear back on his shoulders
[2010/11/02 09:45]  Tyragon Mistwalker: .yank
 [2010/11/02 09:45]  Tyragon Mistwalker draws his spear from his shoulders
[2010/11/02 09:45]  River Airy: coughs again as his air is cut off by a sharp tug of the rope around his throat
[2010/11/02 09:46]  River Airy: looks up at the beared man hoping that he will understand him
[2010/11/02 09:46]  Tyragon Mistwalker narrows his eyes even more, confused "Name of boy is Malnoorisht?"
[2010/11/02 09:46]  River Airy: i am river i am english
[2010/11/02 09:47]  River Airy: do you speak english
[2010/11/02 09:47]  Seymour Greymoon: he is no name, he hasn’t got a name that I can tell* gives the boy a weird look not understanding earth speech*
[2010/11/02 09:48]  Tyragon Mistwalker yanks again at the leash as the boy speaks. Looking at the warrior: "See More see? Speaks like urt squeeks!"
[2010/11/02 09:48]  River Airy gasps there has to be someone that understands
[2010/11/02 09:48]  River Airy: has his breath cut off once more and chokes harshly, his eyes watering
 [2010/11/02 09:52]  Tyragon Mistwalker takes a deep breath, not familiar with haggling he considers a moment then demands "Snake want.... " - He holds his free hand up, stretching his five fingers - "... 3 piece of thing you call bread!"... Then adds quickly "... and bosk cow!"
[2010/11/02 09:52]  Seymour Greymoon nods " let me go get that for you snake"
 [2010/11/02 09:53]  River Airy: pants as he regains his breath
 [2010/11/02 09:54]  Seymour Greymoon: I have unfortunatly a peice of meat and a bread, more then the boy is worth
[2010/11/02 09:56]  Tyragon Mistwalker looks at the goods, then at the boy. Disappointment in his eyes as he knows the bread will not feed the whole tribe. But on the other side, what should he do with a boy who doesn't even speak his tongue. so he nods and reaches the leash to the warrior, grabbing quickly the meat and the bread
 [2010/11/02 09:56]  Seymour Greymoon takes the leash and hands the goods
[2010/11/02 09:56]  River Airy: watches as food changes hands and panics as he realises that he is being sold
 [2010/11/02 09:57]  Seymour Greymoon yanks the leash
[2010/11/02 09:57]  Tyragon Mistwalker steps back and waves. Running quickly back into the jungle
[2010/11/02 09:57]  River Airy: gasps and lunges forward
[2010/11/02 09:57]  Seymour Greymoon: fare well snake
 [2010/11/02 09:57]  Tyragon Mistwalker shouts over his shoulder "Save paths!"
 [2010/11/02 09:58]  River Airy: is dragged across the ground
[2010/11/02 09:58]  Seymour Greymoon: come boy lets take you inside
 [2010/11/02 09:58]  Seymour Greymoon grabs the boy by the hair lifting him
[2010/11/02 09:59]  Seymour Greymoon: no thrall thats for sure
[2010/11/02 09:59]  River Airy: cries out as his head is twisted by his hair and he is yanked to his feet
[2010/11/02 09:59]  ::Kool Door whispers: Seymour Greymoon closed the door
[2010/11/02 09:59]  River Airy: please
 [2010/11/02 09:59]  River Airy: there has been some mistake
[2010/11/02 10:00]  Seymour Greymoon yanks the leash " hush or learn gorean, barbarian slut"
[2010/11/02 10:00]  River Airy: is pulled forward violently by the huge man tugging at his rope
[2010/11/02 10:00]  ::Kool Door whispers: Seymour Greymoon opened the door
[2010/11/02 10:00]  River Airy: forced to follow
[2010/11/02 10:01]  Seymour Greymoon: welcome home boy
[2010/11/02 10:01]  River Airy: his eyes go to the pictures on the walls that surround him of boys being whipped and he pulls back on his rope
[2010/11/02 10:02]  Seymour Greymoon yanks on the rope and says in english badly one word " heel"
 [2010/11/02 10:02]  River Airy doesnt understand the harsh words barked by the armed man but hears one word 'heel'
[2010/11/02 10:02]  River Airy: shocked he does as he is told
 [2010/11/02 10:03]  River Airy: sees the cage and suddenly understands that it is mean for him
[2010/11/02 10:03]  River Airy: no please i cry pulling back
 [2010/11/02 10:03]  Seymour Greymoon points into the cage
[2010/11/02 10:04]  Seymour Greymoon grabs the leash yanking hard enough to get the point across
 [2010/11/02 10:04]  River Airy: gasps and falls forward in to the open cage
 [2010/11/02 10:05]  Seymour Greymoon drops the leash and slams the cage door
 [2010/11/02 10:06]  Seymour Greymoon: good night boy
[2010/11/02 10:06]  River Airy: stuggles to his knees unable to stand up and grasps the bars
[2010/11/02 10:06]  River Airy: there is a mistake,  i yell
[2010/11/02 10:06]  Seymour Greymoon shakes his head no
[2010/11/02 10:07]  River Airy: there is a mistake.
[2010/11/02 10:07]  Seymour Greymoon: welcome home boy
 [2010/11/02 10:08]  River Airy: i dont understand, i weep looking up at my captor
[2010/11/02 10:08]  River Airy: where am i what is happening to me
[2010/11/02 10:08]  Seymour Greymoon says one word " Gor"
[2010/11/02 10:09]  River Airy: hears the word but doesnt understand
[2010/11/02 10:09]  River Airy: gor, i repeat WHAT IS GOR?
[2010/11/02 10:10]  Seymour Greymoon coughs and says one word in English with the thick gorean accent " home"
[2010/11/02 10:10]  River Airy: shakes my head as the word sinks in .
[2010/11/02 10:11]  River Airy: no, i say almost silently . no No . NO
[2010/11/02 10:11]  Seymour Greymoon sighs as it was gonna be a long day
[2010/11/02 10:12]  River Airy stuggles to the bars pressing against them. NOT HOME, i yell NOT HOME, i fall back on my ass looking up at the man ... not home, i whisper
[2010/11/02 10:13]  Seymour Greymoon nods a yes
[2010/11/02 10:14]  Seymour Greymoon turns to head out " home is home"
 [2010/11/02 10:16]  River Airy: not home, i whisper as the massive man walks away. his footsteps receding and the heavy door slamming  and locking shut behind him

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